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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chastity Seekers

If you wish to be put in chastity by Me and owned by Me for any length of time, (while outside My dungeon) you will be buying your own device.
I would recommend this one. for those with small budgets.  I would recommend this one for those with larger budgets.   The larger budget option also offers WAY more playtime with the long term, long distance chastity slave.
Why the hell do you have to buy your own device when I have so many?
I like to put My own personal slaves in chastity from time to time, and sometimes for long periods of time.  Poor Mary Ann couldn't make it a full day, but a certain personal slave can last for 4... and still counting.  We'll see how long he goes.
I have steel devices and an autoclave, so cleanliness is not the issue.  I happen want MY cages around ME at all times any damn time I want to use them.  I will not have you walking around the world in one of MY cages, you have to get your own.  you're welcome to have it sent to Me directly.