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Monday, September 19, 2011

Chastity- What's the point?

Where do I begin?
I have a few chastity devices, but My new one and new favorite is this birdcage one. I like it because I can do whatever to the little worm inside, as there are only those thin steel wires keeping it in the cage.  It has the cutest tiny little lock and key.  I like to keep the key attached to My earring so I can wear it around all day and have a smile and laugh throughout the day at a poor boy's expense.
It is FUN!  The most fun with the men who are the most easily aroused. You can see in the picture that the penis is allowed in the cage to get semi-erect, and push against the sides of the cage trying to worm its way out.

I love it!
The control!
The endless possibilities of torment!
The poor helpless boy- and his poor locked up, straining flesh!