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Friday, September 30, 2011

In the Medical Room

When I first arrive, as usual, it is such an amazing experience to me to be able to talk to you in a warm and friendly manner while in the back of my mind thinking, soon this beautiful woman is going to have me completely in her power. She will make me strip, she may completely immobilize me and then she will likely do her best or “worst” to make me cry. What an incredible feeling this is to me. I love it! 
This day you had just returned from some shopping and you were showing some of your new finds to me. One was a very pretty antique iron coat rack. You will use this to display your floggers. It will be beautiful once restored. You also found a nice, although to me sad, painting of a little puppy being trained with a whip for when he does wrong and a treat for when he does well. I say sad because little animals, particularly puppies have no concept right and wrong. They only want to please their leaders. It is part of their evolutionary makeup. I think that many humans are like that in a way. Dogs and people are pack animals. But people know the difference between right and wrong so it is ok to punish them from time to time. I’m not a horrible person in general but, I have done a lot to be punished for...
Anyway, once you had me relaxed and comfortable you took charge. You told me to completely remove all of my clothing today and fold them neatly placing them on a chair. While I undressed you explained that during this session there will be no impact play of any kind. You further elaborated that we have kept my skin, particularly on my bottom, free from permanent damage for over a year now and want to give me plenty of time to heal from the previous week. That way it will always be soft and sensitive for when you feel it deserves to be spanked or whipped.  That week before though; OH What a SPANKING!!! I swear it felt like you have started doing some serious upper body training. OUCHHHHH!!!! The only paddling I have ever had that could compare was one from a male football coach when I was in seventh grade. I was much smaller then too. I still have a small faint circular pattern of slight bruising on my right cheek although the skin is nice and soft over the mark. WOW!!! Thank you for that. 

Today once completely undressed you said that I was to proceed to your medical exam room. OH, that place scares me!! You have so many non impact but still excruciatingly painful toys in there.  Following your instructions I carefully folded my clothes prior to placing them in a chair.  I did not want to get you angry with me. Not with all of those sharp things and electrical tools in the medical room. I did not want to give you more incentive to be cruel to me. Although I do love it, I know that there are things that can easily push me over the limit in there. Once prepared, I took a few deep breaths to try to calm down and tentatively proceeded to the examination room.  You first had me sit with my legs facing forward on your exam table. You blindfolded me and then instructed me to lie down face up with my arms straight down along my sides.
You let me know that you were going to secure me down with plastic wrap from my feet upward. Of course you left my pelvic region uncovered. You then continued wrapping my mid section leaving my upper chest and nipples fully exposed as well. I could feel my heart pounding now. I was becoming apprehensive. I knew that you had access to all of my most sensitive areas. You advised me of the usual rules. No talking except for a safeword. It is understood that yelping or crying from pain is ok. You will shush me if I become too loud.
I could not see but I could hear you preparing your first instrument. Then I heard the electrical hum and the ominous ticking sound like a clock that one of your electrical toys makes. OH!!! A cold chill went through my mid section down to my upper thighs. I think I started quivering a little. You apparently noticed because you gently patted my upper left thigh. Thanks! That did sooth some of my fright away. Expecting the worst I was pleasantly surprised by your first choice. I should know better by now. You always do seem to “warm” me up first.

I felt a multiple, simultaneous, ticklish, warm stinging sensations on my left nipple and chest area. It is one of the special attachments for your electrical wand. I need to ask you sometime what you call it. Anyway, the sensation is of many tiny bursts of sting while at the same being tickled by a feather. It kind of reminds me the sensation of having a fourth of July sparkler held close to the skin so that the little embers land and extinguish themselves against the skin.. You brushed back and forth across my nipples, OHHHHH!!! I was enjoying this! Thank you. Then you paused. I swallowed in anticipation of what was going to happen next. UHHH!!!! The little micro stings and tickles brushed across my upper thighs and penis!!! My stomach was quivering from the excitement! You took another break. You changed to a more sinister toy now. Suddenly, ZZZZZZ!!! AHHHH!!! It felt like you were rapidly and repeatedly stabbing my left nipple with a large sewing needle! UHHH!!! I squirmed trying to pull it way from the torturous STINGS!!! You slightly giggled at my plight. Then you moved to my right. AHHH!!!! Again I tried squirming away, but to no avail. My plastic wrap cocoon had me bound too tightly to move even an inch. 

You stopped. You made a comment that I was wet under the plastic wrap now. I was not surprised. You asked me a question, “So, do you remember what happens when electricity hits a moist spot?” OHHH!!! I knew what was coming! In a slightly wavering voice I replied, “Yes  ma-am.” I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this. I felt my penis being grabbed and tugged out of hiding. I yelped and twitched in my binding, You replied, “boy, you really are scared today. I haven’t even done anything yet. “  Then I felt it! ZZZZZ!!! AHHH!! Right on the tip!! OHHH!! I was squirming and trying to pull away. You held on. ZZZZZ!!! It felt like a long thin needle had slid up my urethra from the tip of my penis  to my bladder!! AHHH!! I was crying now. I bit down on my tongue!! Oh that HURT! You took a break. You said, “we haven’t used these for a long time now.” UH OH!! I thought. I had no idea what you were talking about. You reached down and pulled upward on my balls. Then OUCH!!! I felt a little excruciating sting. It was like a large wasp had grabbed hold of the skin just below my scrotum. I immediately recognized it as one of your little alligator clips. You told me to relax and I will get used to the sting. Then YEOW!!! You attached one to the base of my penis!! I started breathing rhythmically trying to take my mind off of the sting. Eventually I was able to “fade” the sting away, then…..UUUHHHH!!! I could feel a steady pulling, burning sensation now. You had applied some current. You dialed it up a bit to make sure it was working. AHHH!!! It was! You dialed it back down some. You observed my reaction and dialed it down just enough. Now there was a slight tingling, throbbing sensation through my balls. It was actually kind of pleasant. You left it there. Then I felt you grasp my penis again. I felt my abdominal muscles tighten up in anticipation of some agonizing pain. You said to me “be very still”. “Yes ma-am”, I replied. I was wondering what was about to happen then, OHHH!! It actually was not bad although very weird. I felt a cold thin object penetrating me through the tip of my penis. The sliding pushing sensation continued through the length it. I started slightly panting but was very careful not to move. It was actually kind of ticklish and soon I realized very pleasant. I could not see but could feel IT swelling in response this new experience. Before I knew it I was slightly moaning. This was nice! Thank you so much!! I could feel it sliding very slowly inside me. You were sounding me for the first time. Now that I knew what was happening and suspected that you would not be subjecting me to any horrific pain for the time being I just closed my eyes, relaxed and enjoyed this fantastic sensual experience. Thanks. I’m not sure what I did to deserve this, but OH I LOVED it! Maybe it was the Orchids I gave you that day? All good things come to an end though and all too soon it seemed you gently removed the sound. But you were not finished!!! You grabbed my penis again. I could feel my foreskin being pulled and suddenly, “YEOUCH!!!” A quick, fiery burning JAB!! Then what ever it was was over. Overwhelmed by this I exclaimed, “I thought that you were going to pierce me”. You said nothing but removed my blindfold and then grabbed my hair and pulled my head up so I could see. After blinking several times to clear my vision due to the sudden onslaught of light I then was able to discern that  protruding through my foreskin was a needle tip for a hypodermic needle. I was surprised. The electricity hurts much more than this did.
Now our session was over though. As usual, a slight feeling of sadness comes over me. I love our sessions so very much. You still had to remove the clamps and the needle. The needle came easily out. You instructed me to keep the area clean. Next you commanded me to be very still saying, “I want you to leave with all of your skin attached”. Thanks. One at a time they came off. OUCH!!!! That is about the worst part. When they are removed and the blood rushes back in it is EXCRUCIATING. Then came the plastic wrap. You cut me free with a pair of scissors. That part was easy...