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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


...Let's talk about your proposal, very honestly.
I fulfill your fantasy (of being ridden around, which is not MY fantasy, by the way) , in clothing you requested, taking time out of My day for you, and I am supposed to think of you as a lifetime slave?

ALSO let's discuss the reality of money in regard to slavery.  I have two lifetime slaves. Their paychecks, pensions, all assets belong to Me.  It is a non issue and it is the reality of being a lifetime slave. When a slave wants to purchase something for himself he asks his owner.  My slaves are allowed a few niceties of life, regarding their personal hobbies and habits.  BUT the reality of slavery is they give Me far more money than any "hourly client".  Some would say the "hourly client" gets off cheap.  Of course they have less of the perks and fulfillment of 24/7 slavery as well.  

Now, for the concepts of real slavery, REALITY, not fantasy, LIFESTYLE, as you like to say, REAL SLAVERY is a lifelong commitment, which I believe two people enter into willingly, not through manipulation or hypnosis, much like marriage, beneficial to BOTH parties, and should allow for chemistry, mutual interests, etc. Obviously such a deep connection cannot be made within one meeting.  Of course a male may feel such a deep connection to Me within such a short time, but it obviously takes Me a much longer time to be able to tell if I will be able to stand being around a person, even in a slavery role, over the long term.
NOW with a view of reality, perhaps refocusing your goals, now understanding what real slavery looks like, and what an "hourly client" looks like...