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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Woman in the Cage, or the Woman in Charge!

At times I can be accused of oversimplifying, but as I get older I see more shades of grey (not in My hair-just yet!).
However, I have difficulty with the concept of a female dominant serving a man.
What brings to mind this subject for Me is the young women I try to lead into the dominant lifestyle, who spend every waking moment obsessing about some random worthless dude.
I don't believe the female dominant must be celibate, or adhere to a completely lesbian lifestyle (as some do).  On the contrary, a female dominant should definitely pursue ABSOLUTELY whatever erotic or emotional entanglements Her heart desires.
This is in fact exactly where the trouble of serving a man lies. If a woman is adhering to a monogamous relationship with a man, emotionally pining after him, it seems a great deal of her sexual power is wasting away, not to mention her precious time on this earth.
On the other hand, when a man is in service to a woman, he is fed by Her sexual power, his fires are constantly re-lit, and he is pulled to be on better paths in his life.  In My life, I have found that a man in service to a truly dominant, hot-as-hell, demanding woman has no time or interest to pursue other women even when allowed, (or commanded, in some cases) to do so.  He doesn't mind the other men who are obsessed with the woman he is serving... how could they not be?