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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

I have been questioned repeatedly about cleanliness and safety.  Perhaps I have not covered this thoroughly enough in My website, however I will do that here.
In My previous full time career I had to deal with blood every day.  I will leave the details at that. I met twice yearly with a health inspector and always got the 100% marks.
How does this impact My dungeon?
I have bloodborne pathogen training. All insertables of any variety in My dungeon are silicone, glass or steel, to allow for complete sterilization.  I have an autoclave, this model, to be specific, for sterilizing steel.  I have several manners of disinfectants I use in the dungeon, Sani-cloth being a favorite, information on that can be found here.  I have been working with disinfectants and infection control for over a decade, and I am well aware of the length of time necessary for what I call "complete kill".
Even though I use these things I additionally use condoms with insertables.  I stock all kinds including flavored for certain reasons... I use nitrile gloves to circumvent any possible latex allergies.
When I choose to explore invasive medical type of play I have received hands on training from professionals on how to do it safely, without damage or infection.  I recently received training from the beautiful and talented Domina Dea, (a proficient and evil domina as well as an EMT), on saline infusion.
Clothing I make slaves wear is washed after every use, of course.

WELL! Now I may have forgotten something, but isn't that thorough!

Perhaps not thorough enough, however, as this week I will definitely be needing someone to clean My boots... but I am sure I can teach you to do that thoroughly and exactly to My specifications....

Friday, October 21, 2011

Rope Class, or Your Life is Boring pt. 2

We usually have craft night every Wednesday but when I came back from Domcon we decided to have Rope Class instead. Lots of learning ensued, and learning can be fun.
In these photos I am wearing the red pvc outfit bought for Me off My wishlist.

Which reminds Me, buy Me a gift off My Halloween wishlist before Halloween!!

Enjoy the photos, we enjoy ourselves.


We tied side by side to teach the basic harness.

The kids are always trying to get at each other.

Once you are immobilized people tend to do whatever they want with you....

This poor subject isn't going anywhere!

Happy Halloween! ENJOY!! I will be posting new pics everyday till Halloween!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Halloween! ENJOY!! I will be posting new pics everyday till Halloween!

Hello to everyone,
I hope you are enjoying the constant barrage of Halloween photos.  They will continue all month till Halloween in celebration of My favorite holiday ever. I may even upload two a day.
I spent the beginning of this month at DOMCON Atlanta. This was an amazing vacation for Me filled with learning and great service, not to mention SHOPPING!  I bought an insane amount of new toys for the dungeon, some of which I've already shown.  If you don't follow My twitter, you should look at it from time to time... that's where I add all these pictures of new developments when I'm too busy to blog about them.
I met one of My biggest domme HEROINES in Atlanta, Irene Boss.  She is so lovely in person and so warm and nice like Me.  Apparently she had read My site and thought I was great, so I get to be a Guest of Honor! at next year's DomCon!! How exciting!
The beautiful, kind, creative, cruel, amazingly hardworking, terribly demented, Domina Irene Boss!!
I will post more pics from DomCon, along with More Happy Halloween, tomorrow.

Monday, October 17, 2011

New toys!

I just got My new toy, the Remote Controlled Electrogasm.
I have to rave about this toy now.  Out of all My electric toys, (and I have quite a few) this may be one of the least expensive.  I bought it mainly because of the remote.  I wanted a remote control device that offered not only stimulation but also punishment when I so desire.  Of course such a device is fun on outings and shopping trips, as well as while as a slave is doing chores.  Basically, the slave's pain and pleasure receptors will be under My complete control at the push of a tiny button.
Anyway, when the thing finally arrived and I tested it, I find this is a completely awesome Estim SYSTEM in its own right.  It has 7 different modes, all of which go all the way up and down varying levels of intensities.  I had it going like a very pleasurable throbbing vibrating heartbeat on Myself, then hooked it up to My slave and it was able to cause uncontrollable movements... not even on the highest setting.
All for less than a hundred bucks.

PLEASE if you are new to electro play or want to explore, try this.  A lot of people are in love with My electro collection, but could never afford most of the equipment.  Absolutely the most bang for your buck, super fun, and who doesn't want a remote!  I love remotes!!!

*** More Halloween pix will be coming. As this is My favorite time of the year!

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sisters of the Sacred Flesh at Vex

Sisters of the Sacred Flesh performed without Me at Vex while I was in Atlanta for DomCon.  It was a lovely evening full of pain and pleasures.  The theme of the delightful evening was Santa Sangre, one of our favorite films by Alejandro Jodorowsky that is not only stunningly beautiful but peppered with Femdom and D/s themes.
Vincent Vile with the Wheel of Torture

Princess Arielle helping a new sissy to be more pleasing to the senses.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nude Corset!

Thank you to RP for the gift of this beautiful nude pvc Artifice corset.  I feel absolutely divine and just a little terrible in it!