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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

I have been questioned repeatedly about cleanliness and safety.  Perhaps I have not covered this thoroughly enough in My website, however I will do that here.
In My previous full time career I had to deal with blood every day.  I will leave the details at that. I met twice yearly with a health inspector and always got the 100% marks.
How does this impact My dungeon?
I have bloodborne pathogen training. All insertables of any variety in My dungeon are silicone, glass or steel, to allow for complete sterilization.  I have an autoclave, this model, to be specific, for sterilizing steel.  I have several manners of disinfectants I use in the dungeon, Sani-cloth being a favorite, information on that can be found here.  I have been working with disinfectants and infection control for over a decade, and I am well aware of the length of time necessary for what I call "complete kill".
Even though I use these things I additionally use condoms with insertables.  I stock all kinds including flavored for certain reasons... I use nitrile gloves to circumvent any possible latex allergies.
When I choose to explore invasive medical type of play I have received hands on training from professionals on how to do it safely, without damage or infection.  I recently received training from the beautiful and talented Domina Dea, (a proficient and evil domina as well as an EMT), on saline infusion.
Clothing I make slaves wear is washed after every use, of course.

WELL! Now I may have forgotten something, but isn't that thorough!

Perhaps not thorough enough, however, as this week I will definitely be needing someone to clean My boots... but I am sure I can teach you to do that thoroughly and exactly to My specifications....