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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy Halloween! ENJOY!! I will be posting new pics everyday till Halloween!

Hello to everyone,
I hope you are enjoying the constant barrage of Halloween photos.  They will continue all month till Halloween in celebration of My favorite holiday ever. I may even upload two a day.
I spent the beginning of this month at DOMCON Atlanta. This was an amazing vacation for Me filled with learning and great service, not to mention SHOPPING!  I bought an insane amount of new toys for the dungeon, some of which I've already shown.  If you don't follow My twitter, you should look at it from time to time... that's where I add all these pictures of new developments when I'm too busy to blog about them.
I met one of My biggest domme HEROINES in Atlanta, Irene Boss.  She is so lovely in person and so warm and nice like Me.  Apparently she had read My site and thought I was great, so I get to be a Guest of Honor! at next year's DomCon!! How exciting!
The beautiful, kind, creative, cruel, amazingly hardworking, terribly demented, Domina Irene Boss!!
I will post more pics from DomCon, along with More Happy Halloween, tomorrow.