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Monday, October 17, 2011

New toys!

I just got My new toy, the Remote Controlled Electrogasm.
I have to rave about this toy now.  Out of all My electric toys, (and I have quite a few) this may be one of the least expensive.  I bought it mainly because of the remote.  I wanted a remote control device that offered not only stimulation but also punishment when I so desire.  Of course such a device is fun on outings and shopping trips, as well as while as a slave is doing chores.  Basically, the slave's pain and pleasure receptors will be under My complete control at the push of a tiny button.
Anyway, when the thing finally arrived and I tested it, I find this is a completely awesome Estim SYSTEM in its own right.  It has 7 different modes, all of which go all the way up and down varying levels of intensities.  I had it going like a very pleasurable throbbing vibrating heartbeat on Myself, then hooked it up to My slave and it was able to cause uncontrollable movements... not even on the highest setting.
All for less than a hundred bucks.

PLEASE if you are new to electro play or want to explore, try this.  A lot of people are in love with My electro collection, but could never afford most of the equipment.  Absolutely the most bang for your buck, super fun, and who doesn't want a remote!  I love remotes!!!

*** More Halloween pix will be coming. As this is My favorite time of the year!