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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Foot Pampering Party part 1

I attended a super fun party a few weeks ago.  We had an awesome limo and all the ladies were lovely and well-put together.  We drank one of the ladies favorite: pink champagne.  We stopped at many of the bars downtown, and our limo driver was absolutely making our evening perfect.
It seemed many of the ladies wanted to be served by slaves that evening.  I am normally the one who procures and trains slaves for these types of evenings, however, it was a busy weekend and both slaves which  were a certain lady's favorite were out of town.  That was REALLY too bad for them.
I am never one to give up- when a lady wants something She should have it!
So I kept My eye out all evening for a certain type I knew would be easily moldable and trainable for the lady's pleasure.
The first one I saw sitting by himself at a bar.  I knew immediately he would serve any woman and put himself in harm's way to do so. He had also had a little to drink and was very easy to manipulate.
I told him to come over, from across the room.  First tipoff; he quietly and submissively came to sit beside Me  with no question.  Well this almost seemed to be too easy!
I said to him very calmly, "These ladies are in need of a slave for the evening, to do their bidding, whatever they want.  Would you like to be of service to us?"
He smiled and said, "Okay."
I said, "First you will need to learn a few basic rules, one of which is, you will be referring to all these ladies with respect.  Yes, Ma'am is appropriate, or Yes, Mistress."
Now at this point it becomes very clear this is not the first time he has thought about this sort of arrangement as he is looking down and avoiding eye contact with Me, at the same time, he is obviously very happy, as he said, "Yes, Ma'am".
At that point it began to be very fun for Me!

Some ladies wanted a back massage, and one woman wanted a pony ride!
Poor guy, She made him get down on his hands and knees and carry Her around.  That was really the best for Me.
Some ladies eventually got bored with him though, so we left him, and went to another place to find some new toys, which we did, and that will be in part 2 tomorrow!