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Monday, November 14, 2011

Foot Pampering Party part 2

The next place we stopped at I had a lot of conversations and the ladies were all in great spirits.  They all expressed to Me that there was a need for slaves to come back with us to our hotel room to entertain us.
I found two young men who seemed to fit the bill, and began to talk and bring up a few ideas of femdom to test the waters.  They of course agreed, like most men, if a woman simply says what she wants from a man he tends to be more than happy to oblige.  I offered them the possibility of an evening of serving the ladies, of course with many rules for their behaviour, and they were extremely excited by the prospect.  (Who wouldn't be?)  Incidently during our short time there, because I am so perceptive, I was also able to matchmake for one of the ladies- I saw a woman looking for the companionship of another woman, and immediately hooked them up! They are still dating, I'm happy about that!
The boys learned a few rules from Me about how to treat the ladies, and were then sitting on the floor of the limo on their way to heaven.  After a few games and few complaints from hotel staff, we all decided to settle in for a nice hot bubble bath with our champagne.  When we were comfortable we allowed the boys to come in and massage our feet while we relaxed.  Look at all the beautiful feet and bubbles!

After all our relaxing and bubbly fun we filtered in and out of the tub for more foot and body massage, all warm from the bath and wrapped up in fluffy towels and bathrobes... some of us wearing less than that just kept popping back in the tub for a warmup.

One of the boys was over excited and seemed to talk to much and be distracting to the ladies, so he was placed in the corner for a timeout.

He was of course very sad to be put in the corner while his buddy, who was more well-behaved, got to take care of all the ladies.  So when he was allowed to come out, he shaped up his act considerably.
In the end, when ladies are pampered and happy it's a lovely time for everyone.