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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Upcoming Events, and Mistress Devlynn's Birthday Bash!

Sisters of the Sacred Flesh will be performing this Friday at Adonis nightclub for the Death of Quorum! To those of you newbies and people who only see Me but don't go to fetish events, this is an open event, bar/club show.
We will however have a playroom setup for those who wish to play, and the wheel of torture as always for the shy ones.  Fetish, casual, or simple black attire is the most appropriate, there is a cover.  Adonis is on Kellogg Avenue in Cincinnati.  Feel free to bring your lover or girlfriend and see if you can corrupt her into wanting to play!

Soon I will be posting the details of My fetish birthday bash, which will also be at a club.  YES! My birthday is this month, making Me a Sagittarius.  I really must say I do identify with being half human and half BEAST!  If you wish to spoil Me on My birthday, feel free to come to an event and give Me a gift in person.  I will not be taking any birthday spankings, but I may be handing them out!

My list of preferred gifts:

amazon wishlist
Etsy wishlist
Live Orchids, all varieties.  (My grandmother kept an entire greenhouse full of orchids.)
Red Wines, preferably Apothic Red, Marquis DeSade CotesDuRhone, Pinot Noirs.
Gift Cards or Certificates to Dillard's, DSW, Vollers UK, Lush, or Antique Malls in the Cincinnati area.
See you soon, and don't be shy! I am the nicest meanest person in the world!