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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It's been a very busy week!
I spent last weekend at SugoiCon, which was very interesting.  Before anyone gets any wrong ideas, I am not into anime or gaming or anything really like that. I was attending to host a Fetish meetup with the Reverend Arielle, and to do a panel on basic rope bondage for beginners.  It was very cool to see all the  anime costumes, however.Yes, there are a lot of adult nerds, and a lot of them would like to explore kink!
Our kink panels were really a success, we also had panels on BDSM safety, Flogging, and Violet Wands.  A lot of beginners learned how to tie their lovers up and that makes Me HAPPY!
Sisters of the Sacred Flesh will be performing with FunkerVogt November 25th at the Death of Quorum!!!  Very excited about this show!