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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Mistress Devlynn being a BIG BAD WOLF.  Little Red Riding Hood, I'm coming for you!

I went this year to the Midwest FurFest in Chicago to learn more about furry fandom and speak on its correlation to the BDSM world. Furries are people into anthropomorphic characters, not necessarily sexually, though luckily sometimes sexually.  Of course My interest in the world of furries was exploring its sexual side as well as the different headspace people can gain access to by creating these "fur-sonas" for themselves.
The people who choose to wear full fur costumes are called "fursuiters" and they really light up a room! Look how many full fursuiters came out to play!

To act like bdsm culture and fursuiting are the same would be an oversimplification. However, I feel the furry fandom is a lot like a new leather culture.  One similarity is that it has mostly been men, and largely gay men, who have been into it for the long haul, and now the straight people and women are figuring out about it.  Also, like bdsm, the trappings and codes of there culture that used to signify an interest now are simply becoming fashionable among young people.  Like bondage bracelets and leather harnesses are being worn by goth kids who have no idea what they are for, the fur tails you may see hanging off the butts of kids at the mall don't necessarily signify they know anything about furries.
Also like the bdsm culture, there is a lot less kinky shit going on than one would hope.  It is mostly people in cute outfits simply feeling a little more free than usual.
I thought this was a cute girl cheerleader. I was wrong. There is buff manly man inside the suit.
Like bdsm culture, they have the best toys there! There was a company called Bad Dragon which sells extremely awesome silicone dildos and pocket pussies which are made to look like the naughty parts of whimsical creatures.  They are really works of art!  I got a couple, including a tentacle to do some old school tentacle rape of My own!