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Friday, December 16, 2011

Mary Ann's Night out with the Girls!

Feeling a littly frumpy due to the holidays and cold weather, the Ladies decided we would entertain ourselves for the evening by dressing up in our favorite fetish attire and hitting the town to corrupt and control, and create chaos.
It was a lovely evening and I don't like to tell all My secrets, but We began the evening by transforming Mary Ann and making her look nice.  We dressed her up as a naughty schoolgirl so she would fit the theme of the evening. The pink Tshirt and heaving bosoms to the right of this photo belong to Mary Ann.  Pretty hair, don't you think?  I had long ago picked out a Tshirt for her that says "spoiled but not rotten"  which suits her to a T. We spoil her a little bit but We definitely get Our entertainment out of it.
Mary Ann served drinks to the ladies at the dungeon in her lovely outfit, she is now so scared of corner time she never gets cheeky.  Very good service!  Corner time is when Mary Ann has to balance a dime between her nose and the wall, and is very shameful to have to happen to a maid at a party.
The last thing We added to Mary Ann's outfit was a remote control device attached to her clit so when We went out We could be very sure she would mind Us and also We could use her for entertainment anytime.
It was very fun all evening to use the little remote, from far away, to remind her of her duties.  Everyone knew she was on a remote for Us which made it even more humiliating and fun.  Sometimes people would come up to talk to her normally and I delighted in playing with My remote, making her conversations very uncomfortable.  It was great fun!
Besides all those fun games, We fitted her with the Ashtray gag when We wished to smoke, which was the most luxurious part of the evening.  Many lovely ladies who were simply smoking outside and being beautiful got the chance to use a human ashtray for the first time.

I wore this gorgeous latex dress from Madame S and taught all kinds of people about their new fetish: Latex WORSHIP!
To wear a Latex dress like this is a lot like walking around naked, which was so much fun!  I felt great and I will probably be finding every excuse I can to wear this dress in the future. I definitely need more transparent and translucent latex!
Needless to say, the Ladies are no longer in any frump and are about to enjoy the HELL out of Our weekend.

And thanks again to D.O, as you can see all the ladies are in love with the dress you gave Me, and DAMN do they look good in it. Princess Arielle looked so breathtaking!