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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Venus In Furs

So many toys, so little time!
Given My general aversion to all things Christmas related, the Venus in Furs party was a very short notice affair.  This didn't seem to hurt our attendance! We had more ladies at this party than ever before.  People have been talking about how much fun they have and begging for the next one.
With such short notice, only one slave was scheduled to serve for the evening and he was put to drink duty as well as some entertainment.  We all brought gifts and played white elephant.  Some of the most sought after gifts of the game were the Twilight spoof porn, and a black rubber dress.  As always we had our champagne and some special cider for the holiday made by Princess Arielle.
This is the fascinating lady who won the rubber dress enjoying herself in the medical room!
After a bit of gift giving and enjoying the service of our slave, the ladies decided as always to explore the toys and tools of the dungeon together.  It was the task of the slave at that time to attend, watch quietly and take photos.  The slave in service for the evening was very good and I was pleased.  The ladies were so pleased he got a little something to take home to remember them by.

Of course I am referring to the little kiss mark he got, not the lady!

Earlier that evening, in the medical room attaching the electro remote control discipline device for fun and games.