Monday, January 30, 2012


I love to teach ladies. This was taken at one of My private parties where I was teaching one of My favorite things, Fireplay.  I make My own wands and fireplay is very sensual and beautiful.  It is actually more about control and soft sensation than pain.  I learned fireplay at a kink convention a while ago from a stunning MtF Domina named Atea.  I had so much fun learning and playing with Her, and love to pass it on.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dating, from a Dominant Perspective

I have always heard the lifestyle of a dominatrix makes dating  and relationships difficult. I've also read the posts of many dominas around complaining about not being able to meet people, or only meeting flakes or fake submissives.
Well, I really don't have any of these troubles.

First of all, I don't meet people off the internet, I meet them in real life, and convert them to bdsm (if they need converting, that is.) A while ago I thought meeting people off the internet would provide more focus- for instance, I could find a very specific long term chastity slave, I could find a person who wanted to play in a very specific way I wanted to play (ABDL).  And yep, I was flaked on, messed with, met fakes and total jerks. And they also blamed Me, and acted like I was a fake.  Hilarious.

So well, fuck that, I really will never look online again.  I look in real life, for people I am attracted to, and mold them quite easily into exactly what I want.  You men know exactly where I'm coming from with this: if you got to be with Me, you'd do pretty much whatever the hell I wanted.  Let's be real here.  And in a relationship, I've always found, if you're always clear about EXACTLY what you want, there are usually very few problems.  I always make it clear exactly what I want, and I tend to get it.

But getting there at all I will admit can be difficult for the Dominant Lady.  How does that work?  We are intimidating as hell.  Really I go to bars, clubs, events, and will NOT be approached.  Because we are stunning and dominant, we are completely unapproachable.  But that's fine.  A dominant lady who wants to have a toy just has to hone Her predatory instincts.  Scan the room.  You will notice people staring at You.  You will notice people who have to walk past you bow and be unable to look at You as they pass. People who want to submit to You will chase you down sometimes, but many times they don't wish to offend You, and that's a behaviour I can respect.  Basically, You will see the ones you have instant power over easily, and all You have to do at that point is choose the one You want.  At that point, I prefer a direct honest approach, and it usually works massively well for Me.
Anyway, I hope all the fabulous Dominant Ladies out there get exactly what they want! And all you submissive ladies, I'll see you soon! ;)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My favorite gifts from the holidays!

Fabulous antique velvet dressing gown with pale pink silk lining from D.O.

My birthday month was amazing. I have most of My wishlists sent to My slave so he can bring the gifts to Me when they arrive and brighten My day.  I received so many lovely gifts from all My admirers, he was nearly delivering a package or two everyday.  It was so nice to feel appreciated.  I wanted to take a few quick photos to show you all how happy I am with all the luxurious and beautiful things you got Me.
Pink fur from Evie.  Cashmere lined leather gloves and Pale pink silk lingerie from slave e.  Garter belt from an anonymous admirer.
Beautiful and cruel spiked heels from slave e for My birthday.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
If you need any help keeping your resolutions, perhaps you should schedule a good paddling to keep you in line.
I am more than willing to help you accomplish your goals.

How to keep your resolutions