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Monday, February 20, 2012

Lessons on Slavery

A good slave……
1. Does not have to be told what to do.

2. Does not complain or argue.

3. Knows how to keep his place as slave by not stepping over his boundaries if he does disagree with his Mistress.

4. Is willing to please his Mistress without receiving anything in return for himself.

5. Understands that his Mistress is human and so She is allowed to cry, throw a tantrum, make mistakes, etc.

6. Abides by his Mistress’s rules.

7. Never tells his Mistress She is wrong, even if he feels She is, unless he needs to in order to protect Her.

8. Fetches the whip, paddle, or supplies his face for punishment without question or argument when he knows he has done something wrong or when his Mistress says he has.

9. Supplies himself as a chair, cushion, bathmat, or whatever else his Mistress desires and whenever possible.

10. Educates himself on learning new things so that he knows how to do more things for his Mistress so She will not have to.

11. Is as good of a slave for his Mistress when out in public as he is when at home.

12. Opens all doors for his Mistress even when She is at home.

13. Does not complain if his Mistress requires additional slaves if he cannot be there for Her or serve Her in that way.

14. Never defies his Mistress.

15. Never lies to his Mistress.

16. Never keeps his Mistress waiting.

17. Never makes plans without his Mistress’s permission, unless it is for a surprise for Her.

18. Never serves anyone else, especially other Women, without his Mistress’s permission.

19. Never tells his Mistress that She is being too picky, fussy, etc..

20. Always compliments his Mistress and does so sincerely.

21. Is only happy when his Mistress is happy.

22. Fetches the phone for his Mistress.

23. Always helps his Mistress with Her coat and holds the umbrella for Her.

24. Never eats or drinks first and waits for his Mistress’s permission first.

25. Never sexually gratifies himself without his Mistress’s permission.

26. Never hugs, kisses, or touches his Mistress’s body in an intimate manner without asking for Her permission first.

27. Never hits his Mistress, swears at Her, insults Her, calls Her insulting names, belittles Her, laughs at Her, or is rude to Her.

28. Pays attention to what his Mistress likes and does not like and makes an effort to remember it.

29. Always defends his Mistress.

30. Is always loyal, devoted, and faithful to his Mistress.

31. Never tries to dominate his Mistress.

32. Never Tops from the bottom or manipulates his Mistress.

33. Respects his Mistress’s privacy.

34. Never exploits his Mistress, takes money from Her, or tries to make money from Her.

35. Always sides with his Mistress even if he feels She might be wrong. If he wants to suggest to Her that She is wrong then he states it carefully and gently and only does so later in private instead of humiliating Her by doing it in front of others.

36. Appreciates privileges that his Mistress allows him and does not ask for them. he knows that they are gifts or rewards that he has earned.

37. Walks one pace behind his Mistress whenever possible.

38. Stops traffic for his Mistress.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mistress Devlynn and Princess Arielle

This is a particularly lovely sketch that was done of us last night at the Anti Art Party.  That is Me above and Princess Arielle, ever the trouble-maker, below.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Family Photos

This is why I built My bondage coffee table, for Happy family gatherings! 
To those of you who don't know, I spent the previous weekend in Columbus hosting a fetish meetup, panels and playparty with the fam.  The play party went particularly well, we had a lovely new sissy maid trained for the occasion who entertained us by sucking his own penis!!! What an awesome thing to watch, everyone was enthralled by his show! 
I am glad to be back and once again corrupting the Queening city, however. I caught a little cold while I was away but it seems to be receding now. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

slave and slime updates.

slave jim has a chance, but is no longer allowed to call- this slave must email to communicate with ME.

slime has bored Me to the point of no return and will not get any more attention from Me on any level, as slime did not follow My instructions when instructions were clearly given.

Lucky Slave

I have had the honor of serving Mistress Devlynn Desade for over a year now. Early in my training She told me that i would serve Her as Her sissy maid. It was then that i became maid mary ann. It was probably the best thing that ever happened to me as a submissive. It was then that i could truly give mysely over to Mistress Devlynn.
   Mistress began dressing me as a maid for our sessions and having me do chores around the dungeon. If i did well there wound be play time. Obviously i always did my best to do well...
   Mistress guided me as a sissy maid. She first had me serve Her alone. Then She had me serve Her and Princess Arielle by giving them pedicures. Then She had me serve as her maid at Her parties for many beautiful Dominant Godesses. Being surrounded by Mistress and so many Hot Dominant Women and serving them was intoxicating to say the least!
   Mistress Devlynn then told me that i would be going out with Her. Dressed as a sissy maid. I was terrified but i trusted Mistress that i would be safe so i went to a club with Mistress Devlynn and her friends. It was not the last time Mistress would have me serve Her in public dressed as a sissy and i hope there will be more.
   Mistress Devlynn has always respected my privacy (when She takes me out she does such a great job with my makeup that nobody could ever recognize me) While helping me to be a better sub and helping me to expand my abilities. Mistress Devlynn has also taught me that by truly giving all control over to a wise, beautiful, dominant, woman. I can bask in Her glory and at the same time realize my strengths.
   That is why i have been happy and proud to serve Mistress Devlynn and hope to be able to do so in the future.