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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hilarious Emails!

So I have an ad that says "Ready to Relinquish Control?" and I got this hilarious email, I wanted to share. I got this email at  1:30 in the morning, on Saint Patrick's Day,  so one can only imagine the mindset this poor person was in. OH BOY!!!

Ready to Relinquish Control?
To you?
I've not had sex in 12 years. Not that you have sex with fucks like me or anyone else. You simply hurt us.
You simply use men for money. I do not blame you a BIT. If men pay to be hurt or used. I simply think you are pretty, which means I'm a weak asshole. And NO, I have no money, so you'd have NO INTEREST! Unless if was to get off your base animal instincts of hurting men for some reason.

Must be nice. I'm simply an ugly fuck, though I imagine you'd love to hurt me, but not as much as a good looking man.