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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Renting out the dungeon

At this time I do not rent out My dungeon to couples or other people wanting to play with whomever. I have some ladies I have trained to play safely in the ways they find pleasurable who I allow to use My space with whomever they choose.  There a lot of reasons for this.
My dungeon is not just a pile of ropes and some random floggers.  I have a great deal of equipment that if used incorrectly could really injure someone or put them in the hospital. I have antique medical devices that are just for show and My personal collection that  should never be used by anyone.  I have antique furniture that can never be replaced. I have floggers, paddles, and other things that were given to Me by the Leather Dom who I trained with years ago, or by very dear submissives and slaves, that are completely one of a kind, dear to My heart, and irreplaceable. We haven't even mentioned the whole cleanliness issue, but I take great care in making sure things are nice and safe in My place, and that people can explore all kinds of things without having to worry one second about disease. In BDSM as opposed to vanilla sex we can be very lucky that way.
I realize at this time I probably have the biggest space specifically devoted to BDSM in the Cincinnati area.  In the past few years My passion has led Me to amass mountains of toys to play with. (I am at this point on a forcible break from buying toys, and I am spending money on My stocking fetish instead.) I am not stingy with it. I teach classes on basic BDSM topics, I allow for evenings with the Venus in Furs Society where ladies can learn about using My toys safely and access their own dominance. I session with couples, and train with couples to expand their knowledge and comfortability with all this.  I allow people to use My space for photoshoots and to play out fantasies.
Perhaps there will come a day that I will choose to outfit a more user friendly space that is less personal and less scary, something more of a "McDonald's" of a dungeon. It is a possibility, however until then I will not rent out My dungeon or allow just anyone to play here unsupervised.