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Monday, April 30, 2012

Serving Mistress Devlynn part 2!

It was right about then that you made a comment, “MY ring! It was setting out on the bar this morning, Now it’s gone!”  Uh OH!!! I knew that this did not bode well for me. “Dana, did you take my ring?!” I did not recall having seen any ring. You both ordered me to stand up and walk over to the bar and place my hands palms down the bar. I complied.  Searching my pockets you retrieved the missing ring from my right hip pocket.  I could feel my mouth go dry. Had I been setup?

I did know that to try and deny having taken it would just get me into more trouble. You demanded, “How could you do this?” I had no answer.   After much questioning and chastising I was found guilty of theft. Officer Justine ordered me to place my hands behind my back. She roughly grabbed my left hand and slapped a steel handcuff around it squeezing the cuff very tightly into place. OUCH!!! She than jerked my right arm back tightly squeezing the other cuff around it. Officer Justine told me that thieves are nothing but pieces of shit and I was about to find out what happens to worthless thieves.  You then reached over pulling my glasses from my face stating, “you won’t be needing these”, then produced a white stretchy hood which you slid down over my face and head blinding me entirely. Well, I could see white light but that was it. One of my beautiful captors then grabbed my cuff bound hands roughly pulling them up between my shoulders and shoved me forward maybe thirty feet until stopping somewhere near the center of the dungeon. Immediately following I could hear chains rattling. My hands were pulled up sharply and the chains were attached to the cuffs which were ratcheted up painfully high almost to my shoulder blades.  Mistress Devlynn then questioned again, “How could you do this after how well I have treated you?” All I could say was, “sorry ma-am, I don’t know how it got there”. To which you replied, “What do you mean you don’t know how it got there? Did it magically appear in your pocket? “I had no excuse. I did not know how the ring had ended up in my back pocket. “Well, you soon will be sorry!

Officer Justine and I are very good at torturing worthless THIEVES!”

Suddenly I felt an INCREDIBLE sting on my left nipple as Mistress Devlynn roughly pinched, pulled and twisted it. My reaction was to try to bend over and out of the way. Instantly there was a very powerful grip at my throat pulling me back upright while commanding me to stand up straight and take my punishment. She was not playing around!  I could hear a smaller chain clinking and I suspected what was coming. “YEOUCH!!!!”  My left nipple was CRUSHED by an absolutely BREATH TAKING, VICIOUS little clamp. Squirming, yelping and trying to bend over and out of the way I was jerked back up right by my right ear!  A second equally HORRIBLE little clamp was locked to my right nipple at that moment! “YEOOWW!!!!” They STUNG!!!! At this point things become very hazy for me. I have extremely sensitive nipples and now they both were in the vice like grip of a nasty little nipple clamp. This overwhelming EXPLOSION of sting had the effect of putting “blinders” on my mind. I could not think of anything but the constant and INCREDIBLE sting emanating from my nipples! My consciousness was instantly plunged into an all encompassing sphere of MIND NUMBING, CRUSHING, STINGING PAIN!!

As if this was not bad enough one of my tormentors felt that I was slouching too much so suddenly, AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I was pulled up straight by the chain joining my nipples. In no time I was on my toes but also seeing spots before my eyes despite the hood I was wearing! I cried out in protest but to no avail. I did not want to “quit” though, use the safe word.  All I got for my protest was a continued tension on my nipples for “EVER” it seemed like. Eventually the HORRIBLE, TEARING STING lessened and I realized that I had been “let down”.  As she walked away Mistress Devlynn said something like “Now, turn around or I will be back!!” I was so confused now by the blinding pain. I was kind of crying I think, I was so out of it my brain did not record all of the events, I weakly replied, “ I don’t know what you mean? I don’t know what I’m doing any more”….... I started trying to circle in compliance but I really had no idea what I was being ordered to do. I was on the verge of panic. I didn’t feel that I could take my nipples being pulled again!  At that point Mistress Justine, in a rare act of kindness, came to my aid, grabbing my shoulders and twisting me around to proper position saying, “You need to be facing that way or she is going to come back!” “Thank you ma-am….” I weakly replied. I could barely breathe any longer. It seemed that the slightest movement, even my chest expanding from breath intake caused the STING level in my nipples spike up to near my breaking point!  OHHH my ability to think was GONE! The pain just would NOT STOP!!!!

I was now softly but constantly sobbing. My captors were so near to “breaking” me. . I LOVE being “played with”. So, in an effort to keep from having a total mental collapse from the pain I started rhythmically taking in deep breaths and letting them out. Focusing on this fundamental necessity of life seemed to help me block out the STING.   I think that one of the beautiful Mistresses became concerned that I was starting to become “used” to my ordeal though. Or maybe she was getting concerned that I was on the verge of passing out, Mistress Devlynn appearing beside me saying, “Stop slouching!!!” You’re being punished!” She quickly grabbed my “chain” and pulled me back up straight. This elicited a stream of begging from me. “Please don’t yank them off?” To which she coolly replied, “ I just wanted to improve your posture, these sure do a good job of that”  She let go of my chain.  My mind became so clouded at this point. I was overwhelmed with the constant THROBING, BURNING, STING in my nipples. . I jumped pleading, “Please don’t just yank it off” She had actually just unclipped it but then grabbed it and twisted. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!  Once I seemed to be under my own power again she started pulling slowly but persistently on the one remaining nipple clamp. YEOOOWWW!!!!!! It BURNED!!!!! I was pleading again in no time for her to not just pull it off.

I just remember she and Mistress Justine being beside me and now somewhat gentle, at least by comparison, Mistress Devlynn saying, “be still, we are going to take these off” referring to the hand cuffs.  First one wrist was unclipped and then the other. Oh, that was nice. I had a actually forgotten how uncomfortably tight these had been. The nipple torture had overridden all other sensations. Once off I immediately asked, “may I please rub my chest?” Mistress Devlynn’s first response was “no”. But soon afterwards she allowed me to. OHH!!! That felt GOOD!! They were so INCREDIBLY SORE!!!   All too soon though, “Stop!, that’s enough.”

Then commanding, “Remove your pants and underwear”.  I unbuttoned my pants and pulled down the zipper. As I slid them down I noticed how hot my legs had become. This felt GOOD!  I still had the hood on so I could not see though which almost got me into trouble. I placed my pants down on the floor before me but they were apparently not neat enough to meet the approval of Mistress Justine, who commanded, “fold them neatly, how long have you been folding your pants, do it RiGHT!” Bending down I picked them back up, this time being careful to locate the center by grabbing the zipper then sliding my other hand directly opposite of the one on the zipper I was able to judge the centerline and then do a proper fold of them. After placing them at my feet,  she  commanded, “now your underwear.” As I slid them off I again enjoyed the coolness of the air this time on my now totally naked hips. I was sure, however, that this momentary simple pleasure would not last long. Some new ordeal awaited me. Mistress Devlynn took charge, grabbing my shoulders from behind she commanded, “walk”.  

It was a large padded table. I was ordered up on it and then to lie flat on my stomach with my hands to my side. The two lovely ladies then proceeded to totally entwine me with rope into nearly complete immobility facedown with my feet parted about two and a half feet. They wanted to enable easy access to certain very sensitive areas of my body I was soon to discover! I heard the sound of a rolling cart being brought to me and then a familiar electrical hum. I knew that ELECTRICAL torture was in my future and that had me pretty nervous. Realizing that the ladies had neglected to immobilize my hands, they had simply instructed me to put my hands at my sides; I decided to attempt to use this to my advantage. I knew that it was a slim chance that what I was doing would “save” me but I have learned to try to take advantage of all opportunities presented no matter how small. You never know when one might pay off. Anyway, Mistress Devlynn was currently instructing her assistant on how to properly attach some hideous device, so, why they were occupied I carefully and slowly reached my right hand between my legs, grabbed the three highly sensitive portions of my body scooping them up and under my stomach in the small hope that out of site would remain out of mind for my tormentors. Well, that notion would of course prove to be ridiculous. These parts would turn out to be their favorite part of my anatomy to “play” with during the torturous ordeal I was soon to be subjected to. OHHHHH OUCH!!!! OUCHIIII OUCH!!!!!!OUUUUUCH!!!!  The preparation though was actually quite pleasant when suddenly I felt slick hands rubbing and smoothing a cool fluid all over and between my butt cheeks. I heard Mistress Devlynn’s voice, “Does that burn?” I was actually slightly squirming; I guess she thought due to pain. Truthfully I was very much enjoying this preparatory and to me heavenly rubbing of my cheeks. Mistress Devlynn is so WONDERFUL at giving both pleasure and pain. The contrast is amazing!

I replied, “No ma-am”. To which she replied, “don’t worry, it WILL” I could not smell it for some reason but I suspect it was rubbing alcohol, if not that then some other sort of disinfectant.  About that time she discovered something, or more accurately the “lack” of something saying,  “So, are you trying to hide it?” I of course knew the “it” to which she referred but pleaded ignorance replying, “no ma-am”. To which she responded, “Well, this will not do” I felt her hand slip between my thighs and then “YEOW!!!!” She roughly squeezed and pulled EVERYTHING from out of hiding. She then proceeded to need the same cooling liquid all over my most sensitive areas. I knew that this could only mean something “bad” for me. I was soon to find out what. It was to be combined needle and electrical torture for me. OHHHH!!!!! That can be so INCREDIBLY INTENSE and SEVERE! After the nipple torture I really did not know if I had any energy left to override MORE extreme torture! But, don’t forget, I do love this sort of thing. This frightened feeling and THRILL of not knowing if I CAN take something makes time stop for me. I am truly living in the moment. I LOVE these sessions with Mistress Devlynn and today I was having DOUBLE the pleasure being in the “CARE” of two very competent and detail oriented dominatrixes.

Thank you two so much.  Mistress Devlynn started the fun with a HUGE number of needles. As I lay there totally immobilized I suddenly felt a sizzling like STING on my upper right cheek. I reflexively jumped and yelped a bit. She was demonstrating how to insert a needle through the skin of my right cheek with an ELECTRIFIED GLOVE. Ohhh, The Sting is INCREDIBLE!!! And as if one were not enough after the first there was another Sizzling BEE like STING  right under the first! Each eliciting a jump and small AHHH!!! That combination of piercing sting and electric shock is an AMAZING experience. I found that soon I was starting to enjoy this very intimate form of play. But it was rather painful. After about six yelps of pain I was in turn yelled at. “BE QUIET!!!” Clenching my teeth and lips togeather I tried to comply. I was still letting out muffled cries for every PIERCE though. After maybe ten or so needles were slid beneath the skin on each cheek a new torture began. “ZZZZZZ!!!!” AHHH!!! She was using an electrical wand to zap along the embedded needles. With the needles pushed beneath the skin the resistance to current flow was near zero so the “BURN” sensation was INCREDIBLE!!! OUCH!!!!! They each were taking turns causing me to bounce by zapping my pierced behind. YEOUCH!!!! Then a new sensation happened. Suddenly I had the sensation of dozens of little bee stings striking me simultaneously brushing up and down my back, neck, cheeks and inner things!!! This, however, was actually a very titillating sensation. Soon I was reflexively arching my back and opening my legs as wide as I could under the circumstance. My tormentor responded by concentrating this multi-Sting implement between my cheeks and thighs. I was moaning now!!! I loved this!!! Suddenly Mistress Justine, slightly giggling, commented, “YOU are NOT supposed to be enjoying this!” Maybe not, but OHHH I LOVED it. Thank you!!!! That was SPECTACULAR!!!  I still don’t know what this “thing” was. I was too stunned afterwards to ask to see what it was. But it felt like some kind of long bristled brush with electrified tips. I could imagine it to look like one of that little fiber optic “fan” lights. Well, they decided it was time to “ratchet” my torture up then. Mistress Devlynn informed me, “You are moving too much. I am going to secure you to the table” I was not sure what that meant, but I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of it.

She spoke to Mistress Justine while reaching between my legs and pulling my penis back. “Let’s put one here and secure him down to the table”. Although I knew it would do no good, I had to plead against that! “Oh PLEASE NO ma-am!” My voice was shaking and cracking. I had had electrical piercings by Mistress Devlynn “here” in the past and they are “HORRIBLE”. Oh they HURT!!!!. Her response, “no use pleading, you are being punished”. Knowing that this was going to make me scream, literally, I quickly positioned my mouth so that I could get one of the securing ropes beside my head inside it. I bit down hard for all I was worth while simultaneously squeezing my eyes shut.  Then it happened, “MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!” I was biting and shaking the rope in my jaws. OHHH this HUUUUURT!!!!!!!!!! She had speared an electrified needle through the very tip of my penis!!!!!! OHHHHHHH!!!!! When she let go I was panting and sobbing!!!  This STING would have to be put on a logarithmic sting scale in order to view it along with the sting of a good paddling! OHHHH it HURT!!!!! There are so many nerve endings to be “taped” in this tender area of my anatomy.  Mistress Devlynn or Mistress Justine, I was totally out of it then, grabbed a piece of foreskin, “ZZZZZZZZ” Again the sizzling STING!!!! I cried out loud. It was so LOUD it kind of shocked me. I quickly grabbed the rope in my mouth again muffling my cries.  Ignoring me then and speaking to Mistress Justine, “ We need another anchor point, you do it this time”, I knew it would do no good but again I had to plead, “Oh Please no ma-am, not there……” “Yes, there, you are moving too much”, I could feel Mistress Justine positioning a needle, quickly grabbing the rope in my mouth, “MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!” Again the HORRIBLE STING, I was now practically unconscious I think. I was shaking and slapping my hands at the side of the table.

Somewhere about now the needle torture ended. I don’t even recall the needles being pulled out from my cheeks and other more sensitive areas. My next memory is of Mistress Devlynn saying, “He is not to move until I get back.”  Soon Mistress Devlynn returned but now she seemed more like a caring nurse or doctor. She told me, “Lie still”. She proceeded to clean my behind with a disinfectant of some kind I suspect. OHHHHHH that felt GOOD!! I just lay there partially awake and enjoyed this lovely experience. When done there she had me roll over on my side and applied the same cooling agent between my legs making certain that I was clean here too. OHHHH!!!! I LOVED this!!! All too soon this was over. I was commanded to slowly sit up and then to get on my knees beside the table. I did but fell over further into what is called “child’s” pose in yoga. I was on my knees but I totally collapsed my upper body down to the floor, arms straight out in front of me. I was completely naked, but I was beyond caring. I was so EXHAUSTED.

Mistress Justine, seeing a nice target, came up behind me and started flogging my butt. It may have stung, I’m not sure now. I kind of enjoyed it actually.  This was such an INTENSE session. I really hope you had fun too.Well, thank you and Mistress Justine again.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Serving Mistress Devlynn

When I first arrived you explained what you had planned in some detail. You asked if I wanted the complete details or if I would like to be surprised. Well, I do love surprises Especially yours! So, you did not tell all but, you did share that later a friend, Mistress Justine, would be joining us.  WOW! That was exciting! I had met her once before and when the two of you are paired things can get quite fun and PAINFUL for me which did have me more than a little scared I must admit. But, that IS what I was there for.

However, before your “co-worker” would arrive you had a little house cleaning chore for me. So, it was now time for the fun to begin. You had to set the tone so you commanded that I stand, remove my shirt and shoes and place my shirt neatly folded on a chair in the reception area with my shoes beneath. You then instructed that I remove all items from my pockets and fold them in my shirt. Next you grabbed my arm and walked me to the bar while you personally inspected my pockets to ensure that they were empty. At the time I thought that you were simply making certain that my back pockets were empty so there would be nothing to protect my rear from one of your many spanking, whipping and caning implements in the likely event that you would be using one on me in the near future. Later on though, it would become apparent that something “sinister” had just happened. I was being “framed”.  But, I was enjoying being led and going along for the ride.  When we reached the bar you instructed me that I was to sweep the floor from there to the kitchen floor over to the front door and all the way back to just beyond your pool table and suspension chains. You pointed out the broom that I was to use. You then commanded that I retrieve the waste can from the bath room from the other side of the dungeon and to not waste any time! I immediately did as ordered. Upon my return you walked the area of my responsibility pointing out particular points that required careful attention and cleaning. When satisfied that you had provided proper guidance you asked me to estimate the amount of time it would take to complete. In trying to please you I estimated 15 minutes. I was starting to get a little nervous and found myself standing there dumbfounded just looking at you.

You prompted me, “Well….., GET STARTED! “ I immediately set to work trying to be certain not to miss a thing.  You then left me to go do some personal things at the other end of the dungeon. When you returned you walked behind me inspecting where I had been.  Disgustedly, you informed me that I had already used eight minutes and had over looked quite a lot!  You asked me why I was having so much trouble completing properly such a simple task. I started stammering in my nervousness and while trying to explain myself started speaking just a little too much. This got me into trouble! In the middle of my stream of excuses you commanded “Stop! What have I told you about talking too much?” I had nothing to say, except “sorry ma-am”. That wasn’t good enough of course.

You ordered me to go to the pool table and place my hands on the table.  While I did as ordered you walked to the kitchen to retrieve an absolutely VICIOUS paddle you keep hanging there for easy access in the event of an unruly servant or slave. I say vicious because of its design and the wood it is constructed from. It is about three feet long by two and a quarter inches wide by maybe three eights of an inch thick. It is roughly the dimensions of a thick yard stick with a handle made of two porcelain wood grip panels for easy control. But it is the wood that makes it so special. It is made of cocobolo which is extremely dense and hard. This combined with its length and relatively light weight allows the business end or tip of the paddle to achieve an extremely fast angular velocity resulting in an absolutely TREMENDOUS impact! OUCH!!! This thing STINGS!!! This paddle feels like STEEL! With menacing paddle in hand you walked over beside me and took up a good swinging position while delivering a final instruction, “bend over!” I did as directed, took a deep breath, closed my eyes and awaited my punishment………  “CRACK!!!!..... CRACK!!!!......CRACK!!!!........ CRACK!!!!....... CRACK!!!!. YEOUCH!!! Even through jeans this thing BURNS!!!!

Satisfied with my punishment you ordered me back to my duties. While standing back up I reflexively found myself rubbing some of the fire from my cheeks. Becoming impatient you commanded, “GET BACK TO WORK! You only have seven minutes left and you had better be finished by then!”  Instilled with a new sense of urgency I did my best to complete my duty. But, all too soon my time ran out. You called time and asked me if I felt I had completed the job. I tentatively replied, “Yes ma-am”.  Yet, I was not at all sure if my work would pass your scrutiny. You have an eye like a hawk when it comes to dirt. I on the other hand always seem to miss or overlook small amounts of dust here and there no matter how hard I may try. You walked my assigned area.  I could tell by your demeanor that you were NOT happy, I was in trouble! My heart started sinking. I did not think that I would be allowed to keep my pants on for my next paddling. I found I had stopped breathing.  You had a long riding crop and with it you started pointing out “trouble” spots I had missed, ultimately discovering five. You looked up at me with an astonished look.  You asked why I felt that I could do such a sloppy job. I of course had no good answer. I started looking down at my feet being unable to meet your gaze. You told me that I would be given three additional minutes to complete the job, adding ominously, “you will of course have to be punished for these missed spots.” I hurriedly went to scooping up the dust and dirt I had missed. Soon, however, I was walking in circles again.

You asked, “Weren’t you paying attention?!!!” I meekly replied, “Sorry ma-am”. You angrily responded while pointing with your crop to a small pile of dirt I had missed, “pick this up!” I of course hurried over and scooped the offending dust pile into my pan. After depositing the debris into the waste can you ordered me to place the broom and dust pan at the bar, return the waste can to the bathroom and then wait for you at the pool table for ADDITIONAL punishment. When I returned you commanded me to once again place my hands on the pool table. But this time you instructed that I was to pull down my pants just enough to bare my butt. You did allow me to leave my underwear on though.  However, with THIS paddle thin cotton briefs would be of little help but I immediately obeyed without question. Little help was still better than bare skin and I knew that to hesitate would earn my underwear being pulled down too.

Once in position you explained, “you are going to receive eight swats for not completing your assignment on time and for talking again out of turn plus five additional for the messes you left behind”. OHHHHH!!! I knew that this was going to HURT!!!!” That paddle is so TERRIBLE. Unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down just enough to expose my underwear clad cheeks I then  lay down as flat as possible across the pool table extending my arms straight out hoping it would help lessen my desire to jump up and out of the way which would get me into even more trouble. I guess I was having a hard time getting into position or maybe just subconsciously trying to postpone my fate for you commented, “Are you going to stop fidgeting now and stay in position?!!!”  “Yes ma-am”, I replied. I closed my eyes, took in a deep breath and gritted my teeth tightly.   Then came the PAIN!!!, “CRACK!!!...... CRACK!!!..... CRACK!!! …….CRACK!!!........ CRACK!!!...... CRACK!!!....... CRACK!!! …….CRACK!!! . There was a long pause. You were letting the sting SEAR itself into my brain!!! YEOWWWWW!!!!!!!!  My cheeks were on FIRE! I struggled to keep my hands out in front of me and away from my butt. My eyes were totally flooded with tears. Then you spoke, “Now for your punishment for the messes left behind!....... CRACK!!! ………CRACK!!!...... CRACK!!!...... CRACK!!!...... CRACK!!! Oh!!!! I could not see from all the water in my eyes. I had to wipe them to see and my lips and chin as well, some spittle was dripping down from my lower lip. For some reason intense spankings not only flood my eyes with tears but make my mouth water and all of the panting from the INCREDIBLE spanking I had received had forced some out and down my chin.  That is your “BEST” paddle. OUCH!!!! My butt was SCREAMING from the  FIERY STING!!!! You questioned me , “So next time you will listen to me more carefully and perform your task properly?” I replied back with a now shaky voice, “yyyesss mmm-am”. OH I HURT!!!

My ordeal was actually just beginning though. Right then there was a knock at your front door. You commented, “I wonder who that might be?” As you walked to the front door you ordered me to walk over and kneel at the living room table.

Your guest was Mistress Justine! I was so LUCKY that day. Thank you both so MUCH!! This is what guy like me lives for. Anyway, she is also very beautiful and was dressed in a shiny pvc police woman’s outfit.   You invited her in and explained to her the trouble you were having with your servant, ME. She of course was more than willing to help you work to improve your servant....

Part two of the story on Monday!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Upcoming Events

In the past year, I have been moving My focus on interaction with the public from fetish show performance to teaching and private femdom parties.  It is more aligned with My goals to offer what I have learned and share the beauty and intoxication of the femdom lifestyle. I don't see the point in preaching to the choir (i.e. playing with or teaching within the BDSM community); as a truly evil woman I look more toward corrupting the general public.  It's way more fun that way!

I will be offering closed femdom gatherings at the dungeon bi-monthly for curious couples.  Anyone interested in learning about or serving at these parties should inquire the same way they would about an appointment; email, give Me an idea of you and your significant other.
So far this year, I will also be giving classes at AnthroCon in Pittsburgh, and DefCon in Las Vegas.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Pertinent and usual information for the Newbies, perhaps a little new insight for the experienced?

How to Make An Appointment with a Dominatrix

Friday, April 20, 2012


These beautiful stockings were sent to Me from My Amazon Wishlist by My new slave and footstool.  They are so glittery and gorgeous! Most men know nothing about stockings, so here it is: these are cuban heel, backseamed, pretty much the sexiest stockings in the world.  As our family gimp said, "I just love the way they go up and up and up and then make an ass out of themselves." I thought I would share just to brighten everyone's weekend!
Everyone knows I am a stocking fetishist with a severe problem, thank you all for indulging My unhealthy behaviours!

Monday, April 16, 2012

How to be a Better Submissive

I can only speak for Myself, however there are many things a prospective submissive or slave can do to make My time enjoyable and make Me remember them fondly.

Take Good Care of your Mistress's property.
This means you. I enjoy toys that are clean, healthy, and in a focused, well maintained order.

Early on and throughout we are always getting to know each other.  My favorite way for submissive's to communicate their likes and dislikes is in a positive grateful way. I am very perceptive, however it can not be expected for Me to be a mindreader at all times.  A "thank you, Mistress", a grateful expression of your enjoyment goes a long way with Me.  I can usually tell when the submissive isn't enjoying something, however, if you are very much in heaven, it would be best to let Me know, wouldn't it?

Gratefulness of Every Kind.
Make every attempt to be respectful of My time.  Compliment Me and notice the details I take great care with, in My attire, in My care of you, with My dungeon.

This is not about money. This is about appreciation and a little thought, a showing that you enjoy making Me smile.  This makes you remembered.  To be honest, I tell My friends about how lovely gifts brighten My day. Especially when a submissive takes the time to discover some special thing that I really love, that makes Me feel very warm toward them.

Learn how she likes to be worshipped.  Learn and offer some special skills. Like any place in this world, making yourself indispensible is a wonderful thing for you. Youtube videos can be a wealth of knowledge on learning things you can do to make your Mistress happy.  Watch a few foot massage videos and learn some techniques.  Build a piece of bondage gear She has always wanted.  Learn the correct way to clean and care for something She collects... just a few ideas.

Never Whine or Complain.
Regardless of your status at My feet, I live in a world of adults and mutual respect. It isn't wrong (see above) to express your needs. Express your needs, as a top and dominant in control of you it is to My taste to meet them and keep My property healthy and happy to allow for the best service. For instance, tied up, something is very uncomfortable for you. Say, "Mistress, my knees are hurting in this position."  Allow Her to take care of you as She sees fit.

Feel Free to talk about Fun Fantasies.
I love to hear about fun stories and fantasies. Even if they include things I am not into, I am endlessly intrigued by the diversity of people's minds and turn-ons.  you may give Me a great idea, or get Me obsessed with a new fantasy. This can be a gift in itself.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Good Old Fashioned Ass Beating!

Friday evening was WONDERFUL!  Thank you so much! And please thank your friend too?  I was so “drugged” when I left. My butt was so sore I could hardly walk but because of this I was bathed in endorphins. When you gave me a hug before going out the door it just totally sealed that warm happy feeling for me. Thank you. I needed that. I’ve been so stressed out lately at work. 
This was such an incredible escape for me. I wish I could bottle that feeling. I love how you are so intensely strict and forceful with me but at the same time nice to me. At least it seems that way to me. Thank you for how you treat me. I know that I can apparently take more than average physical pain but I am an absolute wimp when it comes to mental abuse. Your sessions actually pick me up. Oh, if you are training your friend maybe I could offer her some advice? She is very pretty so she has that going for her.  She also spanks very hard when prompted by you. I did like that when you told her that she could spank much harder than she was. OHHH!!! She did learn fast, OUCH! I guess that there are all kinds of submissives out there. One like me likes you to take charge. Order me what to do.  It is in my very nature to want to please you so take advantage of that.  A beautiful, intelligent, strict and professional dominatrix could get me to submit to almost anything as long as it was not a request to harm someone else or to receive permanent physical damage. But I love being told to submit to hard whippings, canings,  paddlings, needle and electrical torture to name just a few things that I have LOVED to experience. I love anything that subjects my rear to intensely stinging pain. OH Yesterday was one of the “WORST” I have EVER received.   I also love to be made to place myself into any sort of very exposed and vulnerable position if it is your desire. I have also found that I love being dominated in front of others who may be participating or simply observing as I experienced a few weeks ago.
Anyway, the session on Friday  was so exciting and scary for me. I remember how overwhelmed I was with excited anticipation as I sat in the red room awaiting you to come out and tell me how to proceed. Then,  I LOVED having to walk in with my pants off in front of a beautiful stranger and wondering if she was going to punish me too was an extraordinary thrill in itself. But how you setup the theme was oh so WONDERFUL! I mean it was so very real to me.  First how we went over some of my “Mistakes” of the past and then as you concluded that my problem is that I have an overall lack of respect for others. So, your punishment was to have me write on your chalk board as many times as possible, “I will work to change my patterns of disrespect.” That seems like a simple task, but you know me, I love to talk too much and it soon got me into trouble! I remember the first time you asked a question but instead of simply answering the question I slipped into a stream of unnecessary elaboration that ended up with me standing at the front of the room in my underwear waiting for my first feel of that new cane I made for you. The Shark bite cane.  I remember after just the first punishment I was almost terrified of having to present myself to you for additional punishment. That new  cane really does STING!!! I remember how you mercilessly chastised me for being unable to stand still for my first 20 licks while still wearing my underwear. Then how you elaborated further that before the night was over I was going to have my underwear pulled down and I was going to end up having one well bruised bottom! OHHH that scared me! I really had some self doubts that I could take any more like that first and  I knew that there was no way that I could escape not getting punished again. I just always seem to run my mouth too much when around you. I’m sorry. I just love talking when around you. But I sure paid for it. But, you know me. Even though my punishments were very REAL and PAINFUL I loved having to receive them and having another beautiful woman as an observer made them even more exciting. It really reminded me of my paddling’s I used to get back in school. They always had a neutral observer.
I remember having difficulty writing on the chalk board after one very intense paddling. It felt like the chalk was going to fall from my fingers. I remember thinking, “concentrate”. I did not want to let it fall for fear of receiving another absolutely tear blinding paddling. I didn’t drop the chalk but you did question why I was spacing out. That got me into trouble because I started talking just a little too much again. I was ordered back to the desk. OHHH those paddlings HURT! I especially loved how you would give me maybe ten and then leave me standing for a minute or two in anticipation of the coming ten additional by now TERRIBLE licks. OHHH my butt was so bruised and SORE!
But the WORST was yet to come. At the end you had me select too instruments. I remember feeling torn between going light or hard. I finally compromised. I chose that long paddle with the hole. I knew that it could really be swung with great velocity and cause an INCREDIBLE sting. I then chose the new flogger. I am so HAPPY that you like it. But when you told me to  get on the punishment bench I could feel my knees failing. OHH, that scared me. My butt was already worn out and bending down so much I knew would really stretch the already abused skin of my bottom. But, you commanded me to get up and take my punishment. I loved the chill in my stomach as I placed my knees on the bench. I was hesitant to bend over though. I was not sure if I was ready for this. I remember you asking, “are you scared Dana?” Yes, I was. You commanded me to get down and place my elbows on the bench despite my fear though. I complied. I did love how truly exposed and vulnerable it made me feel though. Then it started. “SMACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!!. I remember you saying that my left cheek needed to match my right so you started absolutely SLAMING EXPLOSIVE licks into it. In no time I fell flat on the bench. I could not stay pressed back against them. You ordered me back up.  The grand finally was the worst though. I think you were using that little plastic brush paddle. OUCH!! That thing is TERRIBLE. It has such an intense BRUISING STING!!! I can feel it burying itself deep into the muscle fiber with each fiery BRUISING SMACK. After maybe 15 licks I fell forward but this time instead of yelling at me you took advantage and placing your right hand on the small of my back you continued slamming that THING into my left cheek. OHHHH, sorry, that was too much.  I lost it! I could not think of the safe word but I called “time out”. You allowed me to rub my abused cheek before continuing. You both then took turns absolutely BEATING my worn out cheeks. OUCHHHHH!!!!!
That was such a GOOD spanking. Even tonight both of my cheeks are still very noticeably bruised and sore.  But after that spanking was over you did give me something very nice.  You used the new flogger to totally cover my entire cheek area and inner thighs with WARM, SOOTHING stinging sensation. Thanks, that was lovely! I did truly love this experience. Thank you so much!