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Monday, April 9, 2012

A Good Old Fashioned Ass Beating!

Friday evening was WONDERFUL!  Thank you so much! And please thank your friend too?  I was so “drugged” when I left. My butt was so sore I could hardly walk but because of this I was bathed in endorphins. When you gave me a hug before going out the door it just totally sealed that warm happy feeling for me. Thank you. I needed that. I’ve been so stressed out lately at work. 
This was such an incredible escape for me. I wish I could bottle that feeling. I love how you are so intensely strict and forceful with me but at the same time nice to me. At least it seems that way to me. Thank you for how you treat me. I know that I can apparently take more than average physical pain but I am an absolute wimp when it comes to mental abuse. Your sessions actually pick me up. Oh, if you are training your friend maybe I could offer her some advice? She is very pretty so she has that going for her.  She also spanks very hard when prompted by you. I did like that when you told her that she could spank much harder than she was. OHHH!!! She did learn fast, OUCH! I guess that there are all kinds of submissives out there. One like me likes you to take charge. Order me what to do.  It is in my very nature to want to please you so take advantage of that.  A beautiful, intelligent, strict and professional dominatrix could get me to submit to almost anything as long as it was not a request to harm someone else or to receive permanent physical damage. But I love being told to submit to hard whippings, canings,  paddlings, needle and electrical torture to name just a few things that I have LOVED to experience. I love anything that subjects my rear to intensely stinging pain. OH Yesterday was one of the “WORST” I have EVER received.   I also love to be made to place myself into any sort of very exposed and vulnerable position if it is your desire. I have also found that I love being dominated in front of others who may be participating or simply observing as I experienced a few weeks ago.
Anyway, the session on Friday  was so exciting and scary for me. I remember how overwhelmed I was with excited anticipation as I sat in the red room awaiting you to come out and tell me how to proceed. Then,  I LOVED having to walk in with my pants off in front of a beautiful stranger and wondering if she was going to punish me too was an extraordinary thrill in itself. But how you setup the theme was oh so WONDERFUL! I mean it was so very real to me.  First how we went over some of my “Mistakes” of the past and then as you concluded that my problem is that I have an overall lack of respect for others. So, your punishment was to have me write on your chalk board as many times as possible, “I will work to change my patterns of disrespect.” That seems like a simple task, but you know me, I love to talk too much and it soon got me into trouble! I remember the first time you asked a question but instead of simply answering the question I slipped into a stream of unnecessary elaboration that ended up with me standing at the front of the room in my underwear waiting for my first feel of that new cane I made for you. The Shark bite cane.  I remember after just the first punishment I was almost terrified of having to present myself to you for additional punishment. That new  cane really does STING!!! I remember how you mercilessly chastised me for being unable to stand still for my first 20 licks while still wearing my underwear. Then how you elaborated further that before the night was over I was going to have my underwear pulled down and I was going to end up having one well bruised bottom! OHHH that scared me! I really had some self doubts that I could take any more like that first and  I knew that there was no way that I could escape not getting punished again. I just always seem to run my mouth too much when around you. I’m sorry. I just love talking when around you. But I sure paid for it. But, you know me. Even though my punishments were very REAL and PAINFUL I loved having to receive them and having another beautiful woman as an observer made them even more exciting. It really reminded me of my paddling’s I used to get back in school. They always had a neutral observer.
I remember having difficulty writing on the chalk board after one very intense paddling. It felt like the chalk was going to fall from my fingers. I remember thinking, “concentrate”. I did not want to let it fall for fear of receiving another absolutely tear blinding paddling. I didn’t drop the chalk but you did question why I was spacing out. That got me into trouble because I started talking just a little too much again. I was ordered back to the desk. OHHH those paddlings HURT! I especially loved how you would give me maybe ten and then leave me standing for a minute or two in anticipation of the coming ten additional by now TERRIBLE licks. OHHH my butt was so bruised and SORE!
But the WORST was yet to come. At the end you had me select too instruments. I remember feeling torn between going light or hard. I finally compromised. I chose that long paddle with the hole. I knew that it could really be swung with great velocity and cause an INCREDIBLE sting. I then chose the new flogger. I am so HAPPY that you like it. But when you told me to  get on the punishment bench I could feel my knees failing. OHH, that scared me. My butt was already worn out and bending down so much I knew would really stretch the already abused skin of my bottom. But, you commanded me to get up and take my punishment. I loved the chill in my stomach as I placed my knees on the bench. I was hesitant to bend over though. I was not sure if I was ready for this. I remember you asking, “are you scared Dana?” Yes, I was. You commanded me to get down and place my elbows on the bench despite my fear though. I complied. I did love how truly exposed and vulnerable it made me feel though. Then it started. “SMACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!! SMACK!!!!!!. I remember you saying that my left cheek needed to match my right so you started absolutely SLAMING EXPLOSIVE licks into it. In no time I fell flat on the bench. I could not stay pressed back against them. You ordered me back up.  The grand finally was the worst though. I think you were using that little plastic brush paddle. OUCH!! That thing is TERRIBLE. It has such an intense BRUISING STING!!! I can feel it burying itself deep into the muscle fiber with each fiery BRUISING SMACK. After maybe 15 licks I fell forward but this time instead of yelling at me you took advantage and placing your right hand on the small of my back you continued slamming that THING into my left cheek. OHHHH, sorry, that was too much.  I lost it! I could not think of the safe word but I called “time out”. You allowed me to rub my abused cheek before continuing. You both then took turns absolutely BEATING my worn out cheeks. OUCHHHHH!!!!!
That was such a GOOD spanking. Even tonight both of my cheeks are still very noticeably bruised and sore.  But after that spanking was over you did give me something very nice.  You used the new flogger to totally cover my entire cheek area and inner thighs with WARM, SOOTHING stinging sensation. Thanks, that was lovely! I did truly love this experience. Thank you so much!