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Monday, April 16, 2012

How to be a Better Submissive

I can only speak for Myself, however there are many things a prospective submissive or slave can do to make My time enjoyable and make Me remember them fondly.

Take Good Care of your Mistress's property.
This means you. I enjoy toys that are clean, healthy, and in a focused, well maintained order.

Early on and throughout we are always getting to know each other.  My favorite way for submissive's to communicate their likes and dislikes is in a positive grateful way. I am very perceptive, however it can not be expected for Me to be a mindreader at all times.  A "thank you, Mistress", a grateful expression of your enjoyment goes a long way with Me.  I can usually tell when the submissive isn't enjoying something, however, if you are very much in heaven, it would be best to let Me know, wouldn't it?

Gratefulness of Every Kind.
Make every attempt to be respectful of My time.  Compliment Me and notice the details I take great care with, in My attire, in My care of you, with My dungeon.

This is not about money. This is about appreciation and a little thought, a showing that you enjoy making Me smile.  This makes you remembered.  To be honest, I tell My friends about how lovely gifts brighten My day. Especially when a submissive takes the time to discover some special thing that I really love, that makes Me feel very warm toward them.

Learn how she likes to be worshipped.  Learn and offer some special skills. Like any place in this world, making yourself indispensible is a wonderful thing for you. Youtube videos can be a wealth of knowledge on learning things you can do to make your Mistress happy.  Watch a few foot massage videos and learn some techniques.  Build a piece of bondage gear She has always wanted.  Learn the correct way to clean and care for something She collects... just a few ideas.

Never Whine or Complain.
Regardless of your status at My feet, I live in a world of adults and mutual respect. It isn't wrong (see above) to express your needs. Express your needs, as a top and dominant in control of you it is to My taste to meet them and keep My property healthy and happy to allow for the best service. For instance, tied up, something is very uncomfortable for you. Say, "Mistress, my knees are hurting in this position."  Allow Her to take care of you as She sees fit.

Feel Free to talk about Fun Fantasies.
I love to hear about fun stories and fantasies. Even if they include things I am not into, I am endlessly intrigued by the diversity of people's minds and turn-ons.  you may give Me a great idea, or get Me obsessed with a new fantasy. This can be a gift in itself.