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Friday, April 27, 2012

Serving Mistress Devlynn

When I first arrived you explained what you had planned in some detail. You asked if I wanted the complete details or if I would like to be surprised. Well, I do love surprises Especially yours! So, you did not tell all but, you did share that later a friend, Mistress Justine, would be joining us.  WOW! That was exciting! I had met her once before and when the two of you are paired things can get quite fun and PAINFUL for me which did have me more than a little scared I must admit. But, that IS what I was there for.

However, before your “co-worker” would arrive you had a little house cleaning chore for me. So, it was now time for the fun to begin. You had to set the tone so you commanded that I stand, remove my shirt and shoes and place my shirt neatly folded on a chair in the reception area with my shoes beneath. You then instructed that I remove all items from my pockets and fold them in my shirt. Next you grabbed my arm and walked me to the bar while you personally inspected my pockets to ensure that they were empty. At the time I thought that you were simply making certain that my back pockets were empty so there would be nothing to protect my rear from one of your many spanking, whipping and caning implements in the likely event that you would be using one on me in the near future. Later on though, it would become apparent that something “sinister” had just happened. I was being “framed”.  But, I was enjoying being led and going along for the ride.  When we reached the bar you instructed me that I was to sweep the floor from there to the kitchen floor over to the front door and all the way back to just beyond your pool table and suspension chains. You pointed out the broom that I was to use. You then commanded that I retrieve the waste can from the bath room from the other side of the dungeon and to not waste any time! I immediately did as ordered. Upon my return you walked the area of my responsibility pointing out particular points that required careful attention and cleaning. When satisfied that you had provided proper guidance you asked me to estimate the amount of time it would take to complete. In trying to please you I estimated 15 minutes. I was starting to get a little nervous and found myself standing there dumbfounded just looking at you.

You prompted me, “Well….., GET STARTED! “ I immediately set to work trying to be certain not to miss a thing.  You then left me to go do some personal things at the other end of the dungeon. When you returned you walked behind me inspecting where I had been.  Disgustedly, you informed me that I had already used eight minutes and had over looked quite a lot!  You asked me why I was having so much trouble completing properly such a simple task. I started stammering in my nervousness and while trying to explain myself started speaking just a little too much. This got me into trouble! In the middle of my stream of excuses you commanded “Stop! What have I told you about talking too much?” I had nothing to say, except “sorry ma-am”. That wasn’t good enough of course.

You ordered me to go to the pool table and place my hands on the table.  While I did as ordered you walked to the kitchen to retrieve an absolutely VICIOUS paddle you keep hanging there for easy access in the event of an unruly servant or slave. I say vicious because of its design and the wood it is constructed from. It is about three feet long by two and a quarter inches wide by maybe three eights of an inch thick. It is roughly the dimensions of a thick yard stick with a handle made of two porcelain wood grip panels for easy control. But it is the wood that makes it so special. It is made of cocobolo which is extremely dense and hard. This combined with its length and relatively light weight allows the business end or tip of the paddle to achieve an extremely fast angular velocity resulting in an absolutely TREMENDOUS impact! OUCH!!! This thing STINGS!!! This paddle feels like STEEL! With menacing paddle in hand you walked over beside me and took up a good swinging position while delivering a final instruction, “bend over!” I did as directed, took a deep breath, closed my eyes and awaited my punishment………  “CRACK!!!!..... CRACK!!!!......CRACK!!!!........ CRACK!!!!....... CRACK!!!!. YEOUCH!!! Even through jeans this thing BURNS!!!!

Satisfied with my punishment you ordered me back to my duties. While standing back up I reflexively found myself rubbing some of the fire from my cheeks. Becoming impatient you commanded, “GET BACK TO WORK! You only have seven minutes left and you had better be finished by then!”  Instilled with a new sense of urgency I did my best to complete my duty. But, all too soon my time ran out. You called time and asked me if I felt I had completed the job. I tentatively replied, “Yes ma-am”.  Yet, I was not at all sure if my work would pass your scrutiny. You have an eye like a hawk when it comes to dirt. I on the other hand always seem to miss or overlook small amounts of dust here and there no matter how hard I may try. You walked my assigned area.  I could tell by your demeanor that you were NOT happy, I was in trouble! My heart started sinking. I did not think that I would be allowed to keep my pants on for my next paddling. I found I had stopped breathing.  You had a long riding crop and with it you started pointing out “trouble” spots I had missed, ultimately discovering five. You looked up at me with an astonished look.  You asked why I felt that I could do such a sloppy job. I of course had no good answer. I started looking down at my feet being unable to meet your gaze. You told me that I would be given three additional minutes to complete the job, adding ominously, “you will of course have to be punished for these missed spots.” I hurriedly went to scooping up the dust and dirt I had missed. Soon, however, I was walking in circles again.

You asked, “Weren’t you paying attention?!!!” I meekly replied, “Sorry ma-am”. You angrily responded while pointing with your crop to a small pile of dirt I had missed, “pick this up!” I of course hurried over and scooped the offending dust pile into my pan. After depositing the debris into the waste can you ordered me to place the broom and dust pan at the bar, return the waste can to the bathroom and then wait for you at the pool table for ADDITIONAL punishment. When I returned you commanded me to once again place my hands on the pool table. But this time you instructed that I was to pull down my pants just enough to bare my butt. You did allow me to leave my underwear on though.  However, with THIS paddle thin cotton briefs would be of little help but I immediately obeyed without question. Little help was still better than bare skin and I knew that to hesitate would earn my underwear being pulled down too.

Once in position you explained, “you are going to receive eight swats for not completing your assignment on time and for talking again out of turn plus five additional for the messes you left behind”. OHHHHH!!! I knew that this was going to HURT!!!!” That paddle is so TERRIBLE. Unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down just enough to expose my underwear clad cheeks I then  lay down as flat as possible across the pool table extending my arms straight out hoping it would help lessen my desire to jump up and out of the way which would get me into even more trouble. I guess I was having a hard time getting into position or maybe just subconsciously trying to postpone my fate for you commented, “Are you going to stop fidgeting now and stay in position?!!!”  “Yes ma-am”, I replied. I closed my eyes, took in a deep breath and gritted my teeth tightly.   Then came the PAIN!!!, “CRACK!!!...... CRACK!!!..... CRACK!!! …….CRACK!!!........ CRACK!!!...... CRACK!!!....... CRACK!!! …….CRACK!!! . There was a long pause. You were letting the sting SEAR itself into my brain!!! YEOWWWWW!!!!!!!!  My cheeks were on FIRE! I struggled to keep my hands out in front of me and away from my butt. My eyes were totally flooded with tears. Then you spoke, “Now for your punishment for the messes left behind!....... CRACK!!! ………CRACK!!!...... CRACK!!!...... CRACK!!!...... CRACK!!! Oh!!!! I could not see from all the water in my eyes. I had to wipe them to see and my lips and chin as well, some spittle was dripping down from my lower lip. For some reason intense spankings not only flood my eyes with tears but make my mouth water and all of the panting from the INCREDIBLE spanking I had received had forced some out and down my chin.  That is your “BEST” paddle. OUCH!!!! My butt was SCREAMING from the  FIERY STING!!!! You questioned me , “So next time you will listen to me more carefully and perform your task properly?” I replied back with a now shaky voice, “yyyesss mmm-am”. OH I HURT!!!

My ordeal was actually just beginning though. Right then there was a knock at your front door. You commented, “I wonder who that might be?” As you walked to the front door you ordered me to walk over and kneel at the living room table.

Your guest was Mistress Justine! I was so LUCKY that day. Thank you both so MUCH!! This is what guy like me lives for. Anyway, she is also very beautiful and was dressed in a shiny pvc police woman’s outfit.   You invited her in and explained to her the trouble you were having with your servant, ME. She of course was more than willing to help you work to improve your servant....

Part two of the story on Monday!