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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Upcoming Events

In the past year, I have been moving My focus on interaction with the public from fetish show performance to teaching and private femdom parties.  It is more aligned with My goals to offer what I have learned and share the beauty and intoxication of the femdom lifestyle. I don't see the point in preaching to the choir (i.e. playing with or teaching within the BDSM community); as a truly evil woman I look more toward corrupting the general public.  It's way more fun that way!

I will be offering closed femdom gatherings at the dungeon bi-monthly for curious couples.  Anyone interested in learning about or serving at these parties should inquire the same way they would about an appointment; email, give Me an idea of you and your significant other.
So far this year, I will also be giving classes at AnthroCon in Pittsburgh, and DefCon in Las Vegas.