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Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Kind Words

I am a  male well into my 50’s,whom as far back as my teens can recall a strong desire for BDSM in general, and to specifically serve a true Dominatrix.  I finally got the nerve to visit Mistress Desade a couple of months ago.  She was very understanding of my hesitancy to cross into this realm and patiently guided me into Her control. After two meetings with Mistress Desade I am left with a complete feeling of peace, and contentment as I go through each day.  it’s nice to reflect on my visits with her whenever times are stressful, and think of the complete feeling of liberation of being in Her control. It may sound a bit contrived ,but I am being very honest when I say that that a visit with her has an effect much like meditation. What a great  feeling it is to totally give yourself to Her during a visit, knowing that you are safe and able to to truly experience submission to One who is a true professional,a professionalism only matched by Her knowledge of BDSM, and of course Her intoxicating beauty.

My first visit to the dungeon involved a brief discussion with Her discussing limits and desires,leaving me with a sense that She had a genuine concern for my safety and my complete satisfaction with the experience. Speaking of experience, one should never doubt that She does not possess a strong background in BDSM simply based on her prevailing youth and sensuality. She has a firm hand both literally and figuratively in guiding you through your submission. Her directives are not made in booming, or ear shattering tones, but slightly above a whisper, yet leaving no doubt that She is in control.

After kneeling at Her feet and given the honor of kissing them, I arose and removed my clothes as directed. After neatly placing them to one side I placed myself over a spanking horse, as Mistress deftly and patiently tied me to to it. Testing my bonds was so exciting as a I caught a glimpse of her sleek legs encased so lovely in silk. I  find it hard to describe the feeling of having Her hair or touch of her fingers as she leaned to tie me down. I was then soundly spanked and flogged, sheer pain mixed with a bit of pleasure, followed by a complete sense of freedom knowing this exactly what I needed. Occasionally a soft giggle at the way I reacted to Her swats was very pleasant to hear amongst the sound of the paddle as it resonated throughout the room.  The feeling of total exposure, submission to the bondage and pain was delightful, but nothing in comparison to  hearing Her state that She was very pleased with my first session. After being released and told to compose myself, I got dressed and knelt once more  at her feet.  She showed complete concern for me in telling me how to take care of any lingering soreness. I sense that my face was as red as my other side as I listened to Her words. I then kissed Her feet once more and left  with a sense of pure relaxation and satisfaction.

My second visit was even more rewarding to me, in that I was more than happy to let Mistress direct the scene,(knowing more of my desires) as I was once more directed to present myself nude before Her. This time I was blindfolded and told to kneel as She tied my hands behind my back,  ropes were pulled and tautly tied around my waist and over my shoulders. Having never been in such tight bondage the feeling was very intense, made even more so by her skillful hands as she carefully tied me up. Classical music played in the background as I went to a space of complete and all encompassing submission. Loving every minute of it, especially being told to stay still, or not to move. I was amazed at myself not caring about the mild discomfort of kneeling only intensified my desire to serve Her.  Later I was given the pleasure of Her sitting on me as I laid facedown on the carpet,still bound as she tied my left leg to one side. I was soundly spanked and whipped with a suede flogger. After being released and returning to Her feet, I was touched by Her true compassion as She stated that it pleased Her that I had finally acted on my desires to submit.

I have written this testimonial not only to Mistress Desade,for whom I cannot say enough to describe my gratefulness to serve,but to those who are as old or even older than myself, to not succumb to mere fantasying about serving a true Domina,but to act upon it and to contact Ms. Desade..Perhaps like me, you may be deemed worthy to begin your adventure..of which it truly is just that, a totally rewarding and uplifting experience.