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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Donations and Tributes and Updates

I have received a ton of donations and tributes, make sure to EMAIL me directly and request time at My feet!

Other than that! MAN, this week I noticed there had been a leak in My dungeon, and there on My little table My bowl of My whole collection of nipple clamps was sitting in water and rusting away! So sad to Me as a few were gifts, specifically one pair from chastity slave Randy, were so painful no one could take them but him.  So if anyone wants to buy or donate nipple clamps this month I am in great need- I really like the black ones I've seen lately! The only ones that survived were the Japanese clover clamps, as they were in the autoclave at the time! GRRR!
Speaking of kinky metal devices, this thing looks like super fun.

As for perversion these days, Ms. Justine and I had the most fun game Sunday afternoon! I had been shopping that week and saw a huge bag of clothespins...hmmm.
We tied up a slave, and made a beautiful design over his body with all the clothespins, then We had a lovely game to see who could take the most off! We took turns, I LOST! Lol. But to be fair She used various implements, while I was using My two whips.  Yikes!!! Poor little thing could barely take it and We sure had fun!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wicked Bitch

Thank you to a certain someone for this beautiful and terrible new whip- the Wicked Bitch, from MauiKink.

"The thick rubber tail creates deep bruising that both sadists and masochists love. " I love My new super mean toy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dungeon Tour!

Boot Worship

It's such a long, long way from the soles of My beloved boots to the tops of them. What a beautiful, torturous journey for My bootslave.