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Sunday, July 29, 2012

I hate young people.

Incidentally, I should put an age caveat on My application and refuse to see anyone under 35.  Though I know some of you older men saw Dominas when you were 18-25.  What do all of you think about that?
Anyone can make an intelligent appeal at this point, I am really thinking of making this a rule however.
I would love to hear opinions.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mistress Justine and Mistress Devlynn teaching terrible lessons all week!

Mistress Justine will be visiting this week and apparently is missing the calm that comes after delivering a good paddling!
Those of you who wish to meet with both ladies or Mistress Justine Herself for Discipline only are recommended to email this week!  Mistress Justine prefers early evenings.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Received in the mail recently a lovely new CB, the CB-6000.  I have a few chastity devices, however this is My first CB-6000.

I like this one because it is clear so you can see your penis but not touch it! HA!
So let the new chastity experiments begin.  How long can one certain person endure being locked up, and yet tormented by Me?

One of My favorite evil things to do is to  send sexy picture texts to My caged pet where I'm holding the key!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kink Consultation for Couples

Over the years, a great deal of people have come to Me just to be able to discuss their fantasies and not be judged. I have been approached by some wonderful couples who wanted to sit and talk to someone who understands their feelings, and actually lives this lifestyle and makes it work.  They have come to me to "work out their kinks".

I am not a therapist, however I would like to say I know more about Kink than any therapist in this area because I spend every day helping people with a need for it.  I will not tell you it is not normal that you want to explore this... because a lot of us have learned when we can actually safely seek out our desires, intentionally, and from a healthy place, it affects everything in our lives. This is a simple human need, and to be able to explore this with someone you also feel emotionally connected to is a blessing.  I love to be able to share My knowledge and experience!
What does seeing Me for couples training entail?  When you arrive we sit and discuss what you are hoping to learn from Me and how you would like to grow.  I help people with everything from :

  • exhibitionism for the shy
  • how to discuss our needs
  • how to get into play
  • how to realize fantasies in real life
  • sex as ritual
  • all the "whys and hows"
  • and of course all the fetishes and toys to play with together!

What is stopping you from having what you want right now?
I book by email. Please include the following: first names (for discretion purposes), some general background on your relationship, what is bringing you to see me and what you hope to explore.  I find email helps people to feel comfortable talking about their kinks and not being judged. It also allows you to think about the answers to these questions in your own space.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can you take the heat?

A afternoon with a fun subject.
After tanning his hide just a bit he was made to wear the stainless steel hook, roped in place so if he moved it would only move deeper.
That wasn't enough fun for Me, I surprised him with a slow painful heat capsacin addition to the plug.  Though not seen in the picture the rest of his body was also tied, so there was no getting away from the torment!