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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Lockup continues!

Well, it's been a lovely evening! I had a wonderful dinner with a beautiful and talented dominant woman, brought to Me (the food, not the woman) by the new slave D.  Indian food and electroplay- I spent a little time using slave D to teach Her how My electrical prods work.  Too much fun!  A specifically hilarious part was while D was standing there terrified and shaking as She was trying to figure out how to work the thing, then ZZZZAP!  Just lovely!
slave D brought Me a gift!

Here I am with them, the silicone (i.e. sterilizable) Electro cock rings to torture and tease!!! I am beyond excited to play with them.
Oh and as for slave j and his chastity, he complains too much, so I just think tomorrow would be a much better time to remove the thing from the cage.  Instead of seeing him this evening to take him out of the cage, I'm going to the bar with My lady friend and a few other friends,  we'll see if he can stop bitching.  I'll be sure he knows just how much fun I'm having and exactly how much I care about his poor little caged worm.