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Monday, November 5, 2012

Dressing for Pleasure

I know the way I dress generally can cause a bit of confusion.  I'm old enough to be used to the reality of "the law of the lowest common denominator".
Much of the time though, I would say, in person, My strong personality tends to clear up any misconceptions.
I was something of a tomboy growing up, following the feminist theory that these lovely outward expressions are symbols of patriarchal control!!!
So why do I dress up so lovely when it gives men so much pleasure?
Don't I hate you all?

First of all, stockings, velvet, silk, fur, fine lingerie, gloves, the perfect pair of heels just FEEL sexy.  It's  for ME!  I am a stocking fetishist and sometimes wear them just to sleep in, just a pair of silky stockings and a spray of chanel make for a very pleasurable and luxurious drift-off.  Sissies out there know what I am talking about.  Going out when I know I am dressed to the nines down to the well chosen pieces no one can see makes Me feel focused, relaxed, and powerful.  All this femme luxury is like meditation to Me.
I don't think anyone else has to share My philosophies.  Some people wouldn't enjoy spending as much time on these little things as I do.  If I didn't enjoy them, I wouldn't do it either.  I don't wear whatever other people think is sexy, I wear what I feel is sexy.  In fact, most clothing that is in style right now, and would make Me "fit in" when going out, and feed into what is supposed to be attractive right now for women, is very distasteful to Me.
Playtime, I can feel very sexy and powerful in a catsuit and corset, I can feel sexy and powerful also in My sports bra and yoga pants and sneakers, if I've just finished a workout.  I feel very sexy in boxing gloves... Lol.  I think Dominas who choose to play completely naked feel sexy and most powerful that way.
Men are easier to string along down a path with something shiny... but if you don't know and feel your own power and control, it will be difficult to lead anyone or know where you want to go.