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Friday, November 9, 2012

Teaching, Travel, and Other Plans!

In beautiful Aspen Colorado, surrounded by the gorgeous mountains, I get so much healthy food and exercise here.  On the unhealthy side, slave got Me the cutest dark chocolate truffles, that look like little mice.  As a vegetarian sadist, so fun to play with My food!
I will be in Chicago on the 15th to teach and play at the Midwest Furfest with My cute furry friends.  If you don't know what furries are yet... check out My last visit for an explanation.  Perhaps this year I will have enough time to sneak all the boys over to the bathhouse.
I will be coming back to Cincinnati on the 19th, just in time to see if slave d has finished fixing up a demented device for the dungeon.  If not, you should all pray for the skin on his bottom.
See you soon!