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Sunday, December 30, 2012

...And a Happy New Year!

Changes are underway: A new dungeon.  Though the space here is huge and discreet, a terrible landlord's habit of never making repairs means it is time for Me and My whips and chains to move to bigger and better things. Well, perhaps not bigger, those of you who've seen the space know it couldn't get much bigger.  But better ah yes!
I am only hoping I will be able to squish all My toys somehow into a smaller space.  If I let ANYTHING go it will be a certain amount of sissy stuff, those sissies will have to make do with a much smaller wardrobe and shoe collection.  Will I be getting rid of any of My sadistic and sensation toys?  No, just bought a new very expensive piece this week!
As A Domina the year has been well, those who have known Me a while may have noticed some changes in Me.  I will never budge on My strict nature, dominance, control, and love of all things sadistic. The older I get though the more comfortable I become with My sensual side.  I am more touchy feely now, I love to play My nails over a slaves back, or the red sore places I've tortured.  I enjoy teasing more now and other play. I allow people to simply meet Me or come for interviews to allay their crippling terror of Me.  I've been playing with a lot of couples in a teaching role, which feeds Me so much- I love to watch the energy transfer, I am always shocked by women who are afraid to inflict pain on a man, and I love sharing My toys.  I have been putting up with My girlfriend's annoying kitten about 60% of the time. So, in sum, change is good.

I wish you all a new year of growth, new fabulous experiences, connection, vulnerability, and exquisite kink.