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Friday, December 28, 2012

How to Get More out of serving your Mistress

This is a post about Mindfulness, Hypnosis/ Trance, etc.  Mindfulness, meditation, Hypnosis and trance is very good for enriching an already divine experience.
I've written something of a guide, to help explain how to do things mindfully when serving.  It helps to bring you back to the here and now, which is truly a divine experience you don't want to waste. It happens a lot by  itself in bdsm play, but it can be enriched by focus as well.  MY example is one of boot lacing/ worship, but could be applied to any sort of play, just get creative.

Today the Mistress is in the mood to wear Her favorite boots.  you know where you should be.  After getting Her boots you kneel on the soft rug at Her feet. you are not allowed to look at Her, which is probably for the best as you are easily distracted.  Instead you try to slow your breath. you always get excited in Her presence, you want to chatter or ask something to feel more comfortable. Instead you will breathe deeply, and you cast your eyes toward the carpet, but are looking at nothing in particular, looking inward.  you breathe in slowly and deeply, revelling in the feeling of Her energy, and Her power over you.  It always makes you feel a little buzzed, excited and nervous. you breathe, silently, feeling that feeling in your whole body.  you can smell Her perfume, the smell of leather, incense, your own sweat.  you breathe in these smells and they comfort you. you have been here before, and it always fills you with joy to please your Mistress.  
WHEN SHE ORDERS YOU you pick up one of the boots and place Her soft, beautiful foot inside.  The pure white soft skin of her tender feet are so erotic to the touch.  The tiny red laquered toenails are so sexy and perfectly shaped. The scent of Her feet, The slight wiggle of Her toes, The near weightlessness of Her foot, all of these things tend to give you a rush.  Try to notice every detail of Her feet. you feel the power of you being at Her feet, the powerful sexual rush of being able to SERVE Her, it is intoxicating. your mind may wander to a fear or desire for later, let that thought be LATER. This is what you are doing NOW. Don't be mad at yourself for wandering in your mind, just come back to NOW and how good it feels.  Every inch of Her beautiful legs will soon be embraced by the boot in your hands.  you may have an erection now. Don't worry about that either.  Feel yourself becoming erect, feel your naked skin starting to become more sensitive. Her presence, your servitude, the leather, Her skin, it is all so luxurious. 
Feel the leather as you wrap it around Her leg. Listen to the sound of it bending. Watch the way it caresses Her skin.  If the leather goes high enough and you are allowed you may breathe in Her perfect scent. A beautiful, soft, perfect leather boot is now around Her beautiful, soft, perfectly shaped legs.  Take a moment to look at this. How quickly and easy something so perfect and sexy became unnervingly erotic.  you may be dripping with excitement.  Feel how good that feels. Breathe deeply to make sure you are not going to rush anything. you want to savor this moment.
Breathing deeply and calmly, feeling warm and tingly all over, you begin to lace up the boot. Sometimes you start to rush or mess up, maybe because of your pesky erection-Never MIND, you breathe deeply and focus on lacing the boots perfectly.  As you go you slightly pull the laces and make the boot TIGHT around Her, feeling that tightness. She always loves the feeling of tight leather around Her body, this makes you even more excited.  The leather is lustrous and tight around Her soft, unbelievable feminine legs. Watch how much sexier they get as you lace them tighter and go up the leg. When you finally reach the top you look down to make sure there have been no mistakes. you want to do a good job so She will feel as good as you do and want you to do this again. It always feels so good to be at Her feet as you are now. It feels so good to touch Her legs, as you are now. you tie the bow and now it is on to the next boot....

Hopefully you get the picture here. 
Now imagine using this same technique when She is putting you in bondage.  Imagine using this same technique when She has you up on the cross blindfolded, and you don't know what is happening next.  Use all your senses to really be there for the experience.