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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some lovely art and stories!

"In the courtly love tradition of the Middle Ages, a troubadour/knight would find a lady, almost always a married one, and would serve as Her vassal.  He would go through terrible trials on her behalf, undertake dangerous pilgrimages in Her name, suffer awful tortures to prove his love. (This could include bodily mutilation, such as tearing off of the fingernails, the cutting of an ear, etc) He would also write poems and beautiful songs to Her, for no troubadour could succeed without some kind of aesthetic or spiritual quality to impress his lady.  

“I myself have seen this woman draw the stars from the sky; she diverts the course of a fast-flowing river with her incantations; her voice makes the earth gape, it lures the spirits from the tombs, send the bones tumbling from the dying pyre. At her behest, the sad clouds scatter; at her behest, snow falls from a summer's sky.”
― Catullus