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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another Stinging Spanking!

 "Thanks too for the wonderful time last Sunday. Sorry if I did not seem to hold up too well though. Not sure why? I know loved it though. That little whip in particular is a “Wonderful” sensation. It has just enough sting for me. I mean, it can make me jump and even fall out of position, especially when the little scorching tip would nip me directly in the center of my rear. OHH!! Did that ever STING!!! I remember though, after one particularly “good” slash that I almost collapsed prompting you to reprimand me to stay in position or risk some REALLY painful strikes!  But, then you helped me to regain my focus for my punishment by gently grabbing the back of my neck and guiding me to breathe deeply and rhythmically to regain composure and push the pain down to a bearable level. Thanks that did help Ma’am. I really do love it when I can stand up to whatever intensity you want to give me.

I also loved how you gently tickled my cheeks with your fingernails to help remove some of the sting before continuing. How I LOVE that! Thank you Ma’am! You are so Amazing with sensation overload by the way you contrast between absolute tear blinding STING and exquisite pleasure by rubbing or tickling the burn away. Of course that is so that you may continue your punishment. But, I don’t care. That is what I’m there for.

I do think my favorite part was the over the knee spanking though. I love the intimate and vulnerable sensation I receive when put into this position. I love the soft, comforting sensation of my totally bare skin against you warm stocking clad legs. This was soon, however, replaced by absolute EXPLOSION of STING!!!! YEOUCH!!! Like you said even your hand BURNED!! But then came that little lexan paddle. Oh my GOD!!! That thing not only feels like thousands of bees are being slammed against the surface of my bare cheeks with every strike but I can feel small pockets of skin being forced into the rather large holes in the striking surface with each explosive SMACK!!! It brought to mind having multiple needle nose pliers grabbing, twisting and pulling on little patches of skin with every spank!!! OUCH!!! That thing HURTS!!!! That was why I could not stand still for it.  Well, at least my legs could not. I swear I tried to keep still Ma’am. Sorry Ma’am.  When my spasmodic kicking became too unruly you took control by wrapping one of your powerful legs down over top of mine. This not only kept them under control but also stretched taught the skin of my cheeks. OHHH!!! You had been just warming up to that point I found.  As “reward” for my unruly behavior you really put your muscle into the swings then. Instead of very fast alternating licks between left and right cheek you slowed down to make more deliberate and powerful cracks spanning both cheeks!!!  I was now reflexively bucking and arching my back with each blow!!! CRACK!!!......CRACK!!!!!....... CRACK!!!!! Now with each lick my eyes briefly blacked out!!! At least it seemed that way at the time. More likely it was just my eyelids reflexively slamming shut with each blow!!! Whatever the cause though it was a wonderful spanking. I think, though, that I made it through the over the knee spanking without safe wording. That would soon change!

After absolutely wearing me out with the lexan you took a break and allowed me to rub out my cheeks. Wow, I could feel that the skin was swollen and there were little knots where the holes had grabbed and bitten the skin. OHHH!!! I was sore. But, my torment was not over yet. You ordered me to the school room to select three paddles and to then return and present them to you.

I was now torn between going soft or hard. But ultimately I chose some very good ones. I chose the cocobolo ruler,  another long thing paddle with holes on one side and raised metal “decorations” on the other side. Finally,  I selected your largest paddle in the arsenal. I returned and obediently presented them to you. You then led me to your punishment horse where you instructed me to place my knees and elbows into the slots where you proceeded to strap me down securely. I knew that this was a serious spanking I was about to receive because you don’t always strap me down to the horse. OHHH, I was scared!!! That probably helped increase the forthcoming BURN!!!! You started out with the two smaller ones.  OUCH!! They stung!!! I could feel patches of skin becoming somewhat numb. I think because of the induced swelling. But although I was jumping somewhat uncontrollably against my restraints the worst and ultimately for me overwhelming sensation was yet to come. You finally got to the LARGE paddle. It is almost like a canoe paddle in that it has a long wide blade with an exceptionally long handle as well for proper leverage. This handle allows for it to be also used with a two handed swing!!!

The first one came as a surprise, “SMACK!!!!!” Because this new implement seemed to completely “paint” my entire exposed behind in STING!!! Yes, it was intense but the first smack I could handle. Then came a second, “SMACK!!!!” OUCHHH!!! That one had gone up in intensity. But, still I hung on. It did knock my breath out though. Apparently though these two were just allowing you to get your aim adjusted because then it CAME, SMACKKKK!!!! ….SMACKKK!!!.... SMACKKK!!!.... SMACKKKKK!!! …SMACKKKK!!!! In my mind’s eye I could see you swinging the paddle like a big league home run hitter!! That mental image made the perceived pain even worse!! Each subsequent lick seemed to land with an exponential increase in absolute FEROCITY!!! OHHH MY GOD!!!!  My vision was now totally obscured by tears!  I also was finding it difficult to get enough oxygen in my lungs!!! I could not catch my breath!!! Each lick would knock it away and before I could get another one in a new EXPLOSION of WHITE HOT STING would register in the now overwhelmed pain sensation portion of my brain.  That was it! You broke me!  You literally knocked the safeword out of me! Sorry Ma’am. I really love it when I can stand up to everything you choose to give to me. I seem to be getting weaker in my resolve. Or perhaps you were in exceptionally good form that day. Or maybe you have been working out!!!

Briefly, you allowed me to catch my breath and then continued. OHHH!!!! My Butt was so SORE!!!!  Soon, as always, too soon for me though, it was over. I think that you felt that I had reached my breaking point for the day.
 -slave D