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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Story of Submission

 i discovered long ago that there can be sexual pleasure felt in my body and mind from having certain forms of punishment inflicted on my body. i had little chance to explore this as my partner for life is a sweet and very gentle pacifist.  Well any way many years have gone by since my first discovery and i had been wanting to experience what it would be like to serve a cruel and very Dominant lady, the urge to further explore and understand my deep seated need to more fully understand why i experience certain types of pain as erotic or sexual pleasure was becoming overwhelming and so i determined to try to discover myself more fully than i had ever considered in the past. To this end i began searching the web for information about local dominatrix. This is how i discovered Mistress or Queen Devlynn DeSade. Her website was by far the most professional and artistically constructed work of art i found, making the others seem amateurish by comparison.
  Once i had found this Goddess i contacted her through her website and discovered that i needed to fill out a fairly detailed questionnaire about myself and what i was seeking for a meeting with Queen DeSade. To this end i did fill out the form, but many of the questions i was unsure how to answer truly.
  Shortly after submitting my form i received an answer from Mistress DeSade. This told me that She had accepted my application but would be out of town for a time, but would meet with me on Her return. Shortly before Her return She again emailed me setting a time and date. and in following emails gave me details of where to come and how to be prepared to meet her. Needless to say i was very happy and looking forward to this meeting, but quite apprehensive also, having never meet with a truly professional Dominatrix before.
  I entered the building and ascended to the upper floor and knocked on the door She had told me too. There was a delay of about 20 seconds and then i heard the clicking of heels approaching the other side of the door and it was opened to reveal a Goddess, more beautiful than any of the photos posted on her website. She then indicated that i should seat myself on the carpet to the right of a very plush chair or thrown of sorts, on which she then settled Herself. She was dressed in black, with a blouse that pushed her amazing and ample breast up so that they nearly spilled from the soft material doing its best to hold them in and creating a wonderful view of her cleavage. Her skirt was very short and she had black fishnet stockings over a truly amazingly lovely and strong pair of legs, with the tops of those amazing stocking just visible at Her skirt hem line. She asked me about the presents that i had brought with me for Her and had me explain in detail about the antique Czarist Russian Officers Dagger and sheath. i also presented her with a half mask made of exotic bird feathers which covered most of the wearers face, except the eyes and mouth. She asked several questions about what i was seeking from Her and i attempted to answer truthfully, but knowing that i could not tell her all, as this was something that i had yet to discover and was hoping that this meeting with her would help me understand. She was very patient and understanding during this talk. i complemented her chain mail which was draped lover the back of the chair upon which Her amazing body was draped as She looked down on my kneeling form. She enjoyed telling me of this piece, which had been specially made for to fitted her body, with a split to reveal her beautiful cleavage, and the back that curved and conformed to her lovely bottom.
  She then asked me to rise and follow her for a tour of Her Dungeon. This was quite thorough starting with her collection of footwear and high lace up boots, all with high and wicked looking heels, just perfect for standing on some poor sub bastards balls (hopefully mine in the near future). Then She lead me into the main part of the Dungeon and She would stop and explain certain for her toys and also give me an idea of just which types of Dominance play she enjoyed the most. She also told me in very happy and excited tones which of her toys she really loved playing with and to a certain extent why She enjoys them so much. She showed me the various rooms, such as school and medical, various pieces of equipment and a large array of torture devises, paddles, whips of all sorts crops, floggers, electro devices, leather restraints and so much more, a truly impressive collection of equipment and all of it kept in immaculate condition and very clean. She explained how all her toys were kept clean and sterilized, talked of other toys which were kept in clean drawers, only to be taken out during use. After this extensive and detailed tour she told me to knell at the foot of a red velvet covered antique chair on which She settled Her beautiful form before me. She told me that i was to remove all my clothing and place it under another chair to Her left. Before this was to be done she instructed me on how i was to position myself for her inspection After this order she rose with the grace of a female tiger and left the room for me to complete my task.

  As soon as She left the room i began removing my clothing and placing it where told, i then took the position she had told me to be in upon her return with downcast eyes. just as i was nearly done i heard the erotic clicking of her 5-6" heels on the hardwood floor approaching the door to my right through which she had disappeared.
  She entered the room where i sat kneeling before the chair she had earlier vacated and walked around me inspecting my body. She then seated herself on the chair in front of me and told me to move closer to her. i did as instructed and was only a foot away from those incredible legs wrapped in erotic black stockings. She told me to rise and fetch the black long leather gloves, which where draped over the spanking bench to my right. i did this and She told me to put them on her hands, holding out Her left first. i grabbed the open end and slipped it over Her beautiful hand and pulled upwards and She held Her arm firm. When i reached near her elbow She began to wiggle Her supple fingers for a better fit. She the told me to put the next one on and i did again letting my finger tips feel the light and delicate skin of this exotic Goddess. She complemented me on the second glove, as it went on smoother than the first and i thanked her for the privilege of helping Her. She then told me to pay homage to her feet, one of which she presented to my face. Her feet were absolutely lovely set in bright red patent leather pumps with an open if quite restricted toe. i began to kiss her toes, clad in nylon under her black fishnets, each toes was manicured and painted the same shade of red to match Her pumps. After way to short a time she told me to stop and told me to keep my eyes down on her legs. She then instructed me in the first four positions that She wanted me to know and take at her command.  As She helped me get in each position she told me its name and asked my what i thought it was for, while i guessed right mostly She explained what each of the positions was for. The last or position four was with my arms on the floor in front of me with hands together, flat on the floor, head facing floor and resting on it just below then hands, legs spread wide with feet together and back and shoulders arch down as near to the floor as possible with hips up in the air as high as possible. This position She told me was called Whipping. She then walked to my left and returned very shortly. She swung a leg over my back and sat straddling my hips with her lovely bottom resting on the top of mine. i then discovered it was for allot more than whipping. She then grabbed my ball and twisted and pulled them up and away form my body, quite hard and Her hands were quite powerful, far more so than i had expected. She them began attaching a toy She called a humbler, which was of gray and white plastic and pulled and clamped my ball away from my body between two sheets of hard plastic. This left my cock pointing down but straight out between my legs and very easy to access. These sheets were clamped in place with wing nuts. This toy had curing arms which when she had me kneel erect where hooked behind my calf's, spreading my legs and kept my ball pulled far from my body and pulled my now leaking cock down. She had me resume position number four and began playing with my cock and balls and ass with a hand held electrical device that zapped in a very painful way. She said She loved it when her subs leaked, as my cock was at this time, as this devise was perfect for that as the electricity loved to follow moisture, at which point she placed it on the leaking piss hole of my cock and pushed the button, with the result that a long burst of very powerfully enhanced electrical current with straight up the inside of my cock, and likely all the way to my prostate. Wow did i ever jump at that. She also did not neglect my balls, either stretching, or beating with her hands or what may have been a small wood paddle, i could not see it. This continued for how long i do not know, too long, and yet not nearly long enough. Between beating my balls and torturing my cock and bottom, She would run Her lovely hands over my back and bottom in a very soothing way, not quite ticking, but more a gentle caress, to release and relax me after the searing joints of pleasurable pain passing through my confused and over excited mind. She seemed to know exactly when to switch from extreme torment to gentle caress, allowing me just enough time to recover before, pouncing once again on my completely exposed and vulnerable balls and cock, all the while with Her lovely bottom resting on my lower back and ass. Not so heavy as to hurt, but causing my ass to stick up higher, by forcing my back down. She then told me that my balls were a lovely shade of purple and proceeded to remove the humbler from them, kneading my sour balls to get some blood flowing back into them.
 She told me to select three toys from two different locations. One the wall to the right with a selection of floggers and the other an umbrella stand with a selection of riding crops and buggy whip like implements. This i did, choosing two floggers, one with thick long black leather tails and one with short tails, but spiked on the tips with stainless steel studs, and one buggy whip like toy from the stand.
  She had told me to place these at her feet and i did as instructed. She then told me to place them in her hands, which i did and during this i looked into her eyes, such amazing bright and yet dark orbs of mystery and astounding beauty. i became momentarily lost in those liquid pools of delight. Quickly remembering my place i cast my gaze down to Her legs again, but ow how i would have loved to lose myself in those deep eyes. She appeared pleased with my choices and told me to assume position four for whipping. The first of the three She choose was the long black leather flogger, which She slowly draped across my back, drawing it down over my ass and letting it fall gentle over my balls, She did this twice and them i heard the swish of this flogger whistling through the air for the briefs of moments before it struck my back, not to hard. but the following blows increased in force, lashing my ass and whipping under to catch my balls and cock, this continued for a short period. When finished She ran the flogger again over my back and ass lightly and also her nails.
  She walked away for a brief moment and returned with what i soon discovered was the short flogger with the steel studs. This She waisted no time in bring down very hard on my ass with the studs whipping around to slam into my balls with such force that i had much trouble maintaining the position i was to be in and yelps of shock and pain began escaping fast from my startled mouth, wow did those studs tear into my balls, it felt as if they were being hit with several projectiles from a slingshot all at once. A few even wrapped around my balls to strike my now limp cock to great effect. Later i found the tip of my cock black and blue from this impact, even the inside of my piss hole was black and blue.
  Last She used the buggy whip on my ass. i was shaking like a leaf in a strong wind at the point and Mistress appears to have had pity on me for She relented after a few minutes by which time my ass had acquires some truly lovely red welts in various directions.
  Mistress them told me to stand and said that i could now mount the spanking bench that i had expressed an interest in earlier. i arose, a little shaky but mounted the bench and Mistress proceeded to strap both my legs and arms into the bench so i could not move much. my head was down and i could look under and along the underside of the bench, but my legs were spread wide by the bench and my cock and balls were laid out on the top just behind my ass and completely exposed to my Mistress. In this position i could see nothing of what was coming. Again mistress beat my ass quite without any mercy at all this time with an unknown number to toys, they are were exquisite torment to my ass and cock and ball. She occasionally again used the hand held electro device on my asshole, balls and cock.  i was unable to stop shaking and a few times i nearly would have yelped out the safe word, but my mind was in such a whirl wind of emotions, pains and pleasures rolled into a torrent of feelings that by the time i remembered the safe word the need to use it had passed for the moment. This torment was interspersed with gentle caresses from my Mistresses gentle hands on my ass, back and cock and ball, but always followed by more punishing an even harder beatings. my body was bouncing up and down on the spanking bench, at least as much as that allowed, which was very little a couple of inches at most and shaking non-stop. After a period of this , i know not how long Mistress ceased and said that she thought that was enough for a first time and unstrapped me. She had me stand and told me that my ass was marked in several places but would soon heal with washing. She hugged me and told me to dress while She went to the other room. This i did and when Mistress returned She lead me to the door, picked up the mask i had given her and held it up to cover the amazing face before me and asked how She looked. i said She looked beautiful, and She lowered it and smiled so sweetly at me that i very much wanted to fall to her feet and kiss them thanking her over and over, but as i had no such permission i had to refrain, wanting badly to be allowed to return to serve her again. She then stepped forward and hugged me. i told her that i hoped her move went smoothly and She thanked my for that and we parted.
  The hardest part of this whole experience with Mistress DeSade was not being permitted to gaze into that amazingly beautiful and frightening face and eyes, i think the pleasure and the fear would have doubled if that had been allowed.