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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Return of the Queen!

These are My last few weeks in the current dungeon space.  If you wish to see the "old dungeon" it would be best to book ASAP, as I am very busy upon My return. Previous subjects will be first in line.
If you wish to see the NEW DUNGEON I should be done with it by the last week of February.    As usual, it will be gorgeous, discreet, and fully outfitted. I am particularly excited about My new medical room- if you would like to buy anything for the new medical room I have made a special wishlist here.  I have a lot of secrets in store and I think the medical room will end up being one of My favorite places in the new dungeon!
If you would prefer to bring a gift for the new dungeon to Me personally, look at the list anyway.  I would like  specifically Discide disinfectant, aloetouch gloves in size small, white orchids (as always!), apothecary style jars, and of course medical antiques, including quack medical and specimens.