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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ways to be a Pleasure to your Mistress

Enough about you, let's talk about ME! I've been thinking a lot about MY pleasure lately.
I have had the luxury of having many slaves over the years who were absolutely wonderful.  They seemed to have the knack for figuring things out.  Before I knew it, My preferred coffee was made for Me. My corset tightening was attended to quietly.  My things were gathered neatly from a hotel room while I sat drinking coffee and going through emails. My boots and stockings were slowly and erotically removed from Me after a sweaty and and exhausting evening. (That was one of My favorite things.)

The joy of the goddess you are enamored with is a balm to your soul. Here are some ways to stealthily make yourself indispensible to your mistress  be a great pleasure to your Mistress, or perhaps the woman you want to be your Mistress.

  • Massage- Don't know how? NO EXCUSE. Learn this one it absolutely FLOORS Me. 
  • Scalp Massage, Hair Brushing, Braiding Her Hair or putting it up.
  • Learn how to help Her with Her corset.
  • Learn how to help Her with Her garters and stockings .... Mmmmmm.
  • Maintain Her Floggers or Boots. Lace up Her boots lovingly and mindfully.
  • Clean Her stockings/ Lingerie for Her ; Mindfully and Joyfully
  • Open and Close Doors for Her! Obvious!
  • Take Note of Her preferences and try to provide them before She even asks: How does She take Her coffee, and when? What beverage at a restaurant? What cocktail or wine? What healthy snack?What cigarette does She smoke? 
  • Carry anything for Her you can! Obvious! Ask Simply, May I help you carry that Ma'am?
  • Learn to worship Her the way SHE prefers. Pay attention to Her instructions or Arousal levels. I tend to enjoy languorousness but My moods do change.
  • Express your gratitude and pleasure in serving Her.
  • Be Clean, Don't wear too much cologne, Be quiet and attentive. your goal is to be as unobtrusive as possible--then the Mistress will ONLY be remembering "you" as a source or time of HER pleasure.

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