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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why I love ABDL, Age Play, and Littles.

  • I love to wear "mommie" clothes. Stockings, sensible heels, girdles, longline bras, even aprons.  I think there is much more sensuality in the tasteful than the revealed. 
  • I love putting a miscreant over My knee, and I love the "cruel to be kind", "for your own good", "teaching a needed lesson" feelings.
  • I love holding someone to My breast or thighs, and feeling them dissolve instantly into pure submission.  People in this world do not always understand the power of the soft.
  • I love to bear witness to the youth emotions being processed: fear, shame, powerlessness, joy.
  • I love the mixture of perversion and violation when "Mommie" does things she is not supposed to do.
  • I love being strict, possibly erratic with My punishments, just for fun and to keep you on your toes.
  • I love all the trappings, baby stuff is so cute, who doesn't feel a bit wistful with the smell of baby powder?  (Probably real parents, which I am luckily not. All this gets to be simple fun and flavour to Me with obviously less real responsibility)
  • I love playing the older woman. To so many women it is so important to be young; I like to play with the ability to change My "age" to suit whatever I want.  Sometimes I am young and silly, sometimes I am older than a 60 year old man, old enough to convince him he is an eight year old.

I see the baby/ little/ child/ young man role as the perfect counterpart to the most soft, feminine style of dominance. This submissive is conquered not by yelling and military training, but by kindness, the swishing of Her skirts, the seam up Her stockings, his need to be near Her, Her unwavering control and caring discipline.  This submissive allows Me to be kind, sweet, caring, and highly feminine with My strictness, which I dearly enjoy.