Monday, March 18, 2013

Travels, Availability, and New Equipment

I will be travelling out of the Cincinnati area between the 24th and the 6th.  Anyone wishing to get their fix of My presence before then of course should step quickly.  

I have recently acquired a new suspension/ swing frame.  OH WHAT FUN this thing is.  It is truly like a jungle gym for a dominant like Myself, too much fun.  I can't believe I waited this long to have one.  They have portable versions and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Absolutely one of the most fun toys I have bought lately.  A few photos of Me enjoying the thing follow.  It just so happened the slave had been very naughty this week and pissed Me off, and I felt so much better once I had really "taken it out" on them.  They did too.

First slave was strapped down to the bench, hooked and ankles tied.
After this slave began to wiggle when tortured, so the legs were brought up to allow for full sadistic access and no escape!
That's when the real fun began!
slave said he was very comfortable suspended so he could spend a lot of time at My disposal!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Learning, Travel, and other Updates.

Well, I have finally gotten used to My new dungeon and feel quite at home here. I will be adding a few new things to play with and things are a bit different all around.
Being surrounded by beautiful antiques in an antique building does wonders for the soul.  I now have a whole closet just for My latex! I love everything about My new space and everyone else seems to feel the same way.
I will be getting a new gorgeous Neoprene sleepsack sometime next week that will surely be a lot of fun.  If any of you have been seeing Me "all this time" you may remember the lace up Mr. S Leather neoprene sleepsack I used to have and how much fun we had.  The neoprene is like the best parts of leather and rubber combined, is sturdy and easy to clean, very confining, restrictive and has a very sexy rubbery feel.  There are three different zippers to allow any access I choose, internal sleeves for more restrictive feel, and corsetted front to make it tighter.
I will be attending the Cannabis Cup in Denver to celebrate this historic event, the beginning of the end of Cannabis prohibition.  I will not be accepting sessions during My stay, but I will be allowing service, and I will be blessed to be exploring pushing the boundaries of some of My more serious kinkplay obsessions with an absolutely lovely and gifted Denver Domina during My stay. More on those details after My visit.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Monique Von Cleef - In Her own words.

"I think we are born this way, maybe a little more is added in childhood and as we get older, but we are absolutely born with this - uh - variation."

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Monique Von Cleef Week: Love Letters to a Goddess

  Dear Mistress,

                        I cannot tell you how excited I am about the prospect of visiting you next Wednesday. As I mentioned yesterday, this will be my first actual experien­ce of physical face‑to-face subjugation of myself to a woman for the purpose of being disciplined. I have corresponded with several during the past three years and have submitted to their remote control but I have never before had the opportunity or obligation to present myself, and now I must to you, like a slave to his new mistress who will direct and train him in the ways of servitude and reverence.

                                 The four or five women who dominated me from a distance and by letter succeeded in getting me to do many humiliating and degrading things and required me to write regularly long and very descriptive letters to report in detail and without reservation exactly how I carried out their instructions. The two carried this out so far as to make me take photographs of myself undergoing the ordeals which they prescribed. For example, they would send me every week or so a small package of their soiled underwear with instructions to launder it the French way, as they described it. Perhaps you know what is meant. If not, you can make me tell you, and perhaps you will demonstrate the method when I visit you.

                                 Not only did I have to do this, I was also required to take photos of myself while doing it and then send them along with detailed written de­scriptions of my experience so they could be sure that I had been obedient and also that they could enjoy as vividly as possible the knowledge of my humiliation and suffering. I mention this so that you will understand that although I have never experienced the intimate personal control you have consented to exercise over me, I am prepared for the strictest and most severe disciplining. Indeed, I believe you will find it very difficult to make me beg for mercy or to think of a humiliation which will fully test my obedience. That, my mistress, if you will permit the boldness, is a challenge to you from your lovely slave...

                                 Your photos would indicate that among the etceteras must be leather-wear, high‑heeled boots, restrictable garments and devices, whips and other instruments of corporal punishment and control. I hope so. I am no less interested in all of these. I have a few such items and may bring them with me.

                                 I have obtained a room at the New York Hilton for the night of April 14th. I will check in at the hotel and call you upon my arrival there. I hope you will be able to meet me, for the first time at your home, since I am totally unfamiliar with the big city and will not know how to avoid chance meetings in public places with the many people who will converge on the Hilton to attend the Education Convention which I shall be expected to attend during the week following Easter. I am known by hundreds of them and have the distressing reputation of being a woman hater, since I am never seen in public with a woman. Perhaps you will want to correct this or at least punish me for it, but please, for our first meeting, let it be private. Please, dear mistress, I hope to speak to you again by phone before this reaches you, but I want to get this information into your hands as an aid to you in your plans of how most effectively to bring me to heel, as you would say in referring to the control you must exert over your two big dogs. Do you think you can train me as thoroughly as you have trained them? I won­der. And I wonder most of all what it would be like to have you try. I can hardly wait to find out, although my eagerness is strongly mixed with fear


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Love Letters


You would never believe one little slave could love one mistress so. The  things you order number 35 to do and especially the way Mistress trains 35 to carry out her orders. Thank you very much, Mistress.

Last Sunday, Mistress, you had 35 in such great pain. Number 35 felt as if he were dying. Honest, Mistress. Your little slave is always truthful to you. Mistress, when you wanted to gag 35 to keep him from making too much noise, oh, Mistress, how could you tell when 35 had more than he could stand?

Mistress, 35 is too dizzy, too faint, if that is what Mistress had on her mind. Please, Mistress, 35 isn't trying to be funny or even a mind reader. Mistress, 35 is thinking out loud at that precise moment instead of three days later after most of the soreness subsided. The Preparation H which 35 had to use helped a great deal. Oh, Mistress, please don't laugh. It does sound funny now, but at the time it was no joke to this little slave who had to experience this punishment at the hands of his Mistress.

Oh, Mistress, 35 is pleading on his knees to his Mistress please be lenient to 35 when he is to receive the same punishment in the future.

Oh, Mistress, 35 is begging for mercy on his knees in front of you. Please, please, have mercy on your little slave, my wonderful Mistress. Mistress, what would you do to 35 if he had said he was calling you from the hospital just to see if he could worry his Mistress? Yes, Mistress, you told 35 before that he is an insignificant little slave and he means absolutely nothing to you. To 35, my wonderful Mistress, you are my heaven on earth, as beautiful as a flower, the best thing that ever could enter this life of a little one called 35. Mistress, you are so magnificent 35 is overjoyed kno­wing you and proud to have you as my mistress to lead 35 in the beautiful ways of life.

Mistress, your little slave was a lost soul on this earth until Mistress Monique found 35 to bring happiness into his life. Mistress, thank you very much for taking 35 by the hand to help him find his way. Oh, Mistress, 35 loves and worships you so very much. You would not believe it possible that such a little slave has that much love in him.

Thank you, Mistress, for allowing 35 to share part of your life. Thank you so much. It's beautiful. Your little slave worships the ground his mis­tress walks on. Oh, Mistress, you are such a goddess on a pedestal for 35 to look up to and to worship. Your little slave needs you, Mistress, to guide him and experience the beautiful things in life.

                                 It is signed,

your obedient slave, 35.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Glimpses of Her Cruelty

A resplendent Queen, looming, large and in charge!
Obviously the most palatable photo for the mainstream,  cute little kitten with a whip.

Great Gams!  Did Monique Von Cleef offer scissor sessions?  A takedown with those thighs would be  pure luxury.

What an intimate photo.  What perfectly shaped boots.  

Another intimate photograph that reminds Me of teaching with couples. She is laughing  and I can just imagine Her voice saying something like, "Now, I'm sure you can hit him harder."

I feel this photo says so much.  Her easy smile and comfort, with his intent strong stare.  What an innately powerful woman!

Does this guy look happy to be there or what?

Monday, March 4, 2013

you will never know how much it has cost my generation 
to preserve your freedom. 
I hope you will make good use of it.
John Quincy Adams 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Monique Von Cleef Week!

Leather History, like the history of any maligned, misunderstood or minority group, has been largely distorted, hidden from us, or possibly thought of as inconsequential.
My life is largely spent falling in love with various historical figures or even possibly fictional characters. This time I am forcing all you lovely little blogreaders to come with Me on My obsessive journey.  I'm quite sure, dears, that you will enjoy this delectable historical indulgence.
Day One of Monique Von Cleef.

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Doctor is In!

My new dungeon is absolutely lovely. 
Perhaps you should come see!