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Monday, March 11, 2013

Learning, Travel, and other Updates.

Well, I have finally gotten used to My new dungeon and feel quite at home here. I will be adding a few new things to play with and things are a bit different all around.
Being surrounded by beautiful antiques in an antique building does wonders for the soul.  I now have a whole closet just for My latex! I love everything about My new space and everyone else seems to feel the same way.
I will be getting a new gorgeous Neoprene sleepsack sometime next week that will surely be a lot of fun.  If any of you have been seeing Me "all this time" you may remember the lace up Mr. S Leather neoprene sleepsack I used to have and how much fun we had.  The neoprene is like the best parts of leather and rubber combined, is sturdy and easy to clean, very confining, restrictive and has a very sexy rubbery feel.  There are three different zippers to allow any access I choose, internal sleeves for more restrictive feel, and corsetted front to make it tighter.
I will be attending the Cannabis Cup in Denver to celebrate this historic event, the beginning of the end of Cannabis prohibition.  I will not be accepting sessions during My stay, but I will be allowing service, and I will be blessed to be exploring pushing the boundaries of some of My more serious kinkplay obsessions with an absolutely lovely and gifted Denver Domina during My stay. More on those details after My visit.