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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Love Letters


You would never believe one little slave could love one mistress so. The  things you order number 35 to do and especially the way Mistress trains 35 to carry out her orders. Thank you very much, Mistress.

Last Sunday, Mistress, you had 35 in such great pain. Number 35 felt as if he were dying. Honest, Mistress. Your little slave is always truthful to you. Mistress, when you wanted to gag 35 to keep him from making too much noise, oh, Mistress, how could you tell when 35 had more than he could stand?

Mistress, 35 is too dizzy, too faint, if that is what Mistress had on her mind. Please, Mistress, 35 isn't trying to be funny or even a mind reader. Mistress, 35 is thinking out loud at that precise moment instead of three days later after most of the soreness subsided. The Preparation H which 35 had to use helped a great deal. Oh, Mistress, please don't laugh. It does sound funny now, but at the time it was no joke to this little slave who had to experience this punishment at the hands of his Mistress.

Oh, Mistress, 35 is pleading on his knees to his Mistress please be lenient to 35 when he is to receive the same punishment in the future.

Oh, Mistress, 35 is begging for mercy on his knees in front of you. Please, please, have mercy on your little slave, my wonderful Mistress. Mistress, what would you do to 35 if he had said he was calling you from the hospital just to see if he could worry his Mistress? Yes, Mistress, you told 35 before that he is an insignificant little slave and he means absolutely nothing to you. To 35, my wonderful Mistress, you are my heaven on earth, as beautiful as a flower, the best thing that ever could enter this life of a little one called 35. Mistress, you are so magnificent 35 is overjoyed kno­wing you and proud to have you as my mistress to lead 35 in the beautiful ways of life.

Mistress, your little slave was a lost soul on this earth until Mistress Monique found 35 to bring happiness into his life. Mistress, thank you very much for taking 35 by the hand to help him find his way. Oh, Mistress, 35 loves and worships you so very much. You would not believe it possible that such a little slave has that much love in him.

Thank you, Mistress, for allowing 35 to share part of your life. Thank you so much. It's beautiful. Your little slave worships the ground his mis­tress walks on. Oh, Mistress, you are such a goddess on a pedestal for 35 to look up to and to worship. Your little slave needs you, Mistress, to guide him and experience the beautiful things in life.

                                 It is signed,

your obedient slave, 35.