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Monday, April 29, 2013

“A man can stand anything except a succession of ordinary days.”

Oh, and thank you SO MUCH for yesterday Ma'am! I still get a little adrenalin burst when I think about it. It was kind of frightening, but I LOVED it! I could not have taken it from anyone else though. It was really scary for me at times Ma'am.
It was a dreamlike experience though with you Ma'am.
Oh, you asked me what I liked the best, now after thinking more, I was kind of out of it, I do think I liked the fire balls the best still, at least I think that is what it was Ma'am, but the electrical wand ignition was absolutely WONDERFUL too Ma'am! I do have a little brand under my left nipple from it. It may be a permanent one, but if so, I will just remember that I received it while serving you and it will make me feel happy Ma'am.

I really feel alive and happy today Ma'am! Being in a controlled but borderline terrifying experience does that to me.
That flame WHOOSH followed by sudden HEAT that increases and INCREASES and INCREASES....YEEEOOOOWWWWW!!!!!!................... then aaaaahhhhh, very intensely pleasurably and soothingly  the  ESCALATING STING is smoothed and  smothered and terminated by your soft hands.....Ohhhhhhhh. Even now my heart picks up a few beats when  I think about it!!
The whole experience was so absolutely intimate too, how much I relied on you to extinguish the flame so added to the absolutely immense pleasure for me Ma'am. I love being in your care Ma'am.  It makes me feel happy and  safe and secure. I remember one particularly HOT "FLASH"  being chastised for squirming  inadvertently away from your touch. Sorrrry Ma'am! OH how my upper right thigh STUNG!!! But thank you for explaining the importance of me lying still Ma'am.