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Friday, May 24, 2013

Letters of Admiration

Dear Mistress DeSade,
 my visit with you was certainly memorable. Not only that but a thing of beauty, you were so animated and alive during the whole adventure that even though I was blindfolded for most of the time it was an experience that is unlikely to fade from my mind ever. Your dress in those lovely stockings and black floral lace blouse that exposed so much of your ample breasts to my sight, at least briefly, your wearing of those incredible black pumps, studded with stainless spikes, your wonderful flowing locks done up in a long very pretty ponytail, but most of all that unbelievable black leather corset, which illuminates your Divine person in ways beyond my meek ability to describe.
  i was or course pleased that you liked at least some of the gifts that i brought you and enjoyed the privilege of being able to present them to you naked and knelling at your feet, where I belong. You were so very tactful and gracious to this humble slave, even though i had made mistakes, you forgave, at least until you had be naked bound where you could more effectively illustrate the cost of failure.
  my favorite part of your play time was near the end when you had my balls in the Humbler and proceeded to smack them with your lovely hand most effective, but the best was your wicked play of having me go through the 4 positions you taught me after enduring a long session of fire play and electro torture to me nipples, ass, cock and balls, my mind was quite out of it at that point and when i failed to remember position 3 you found a wicked way to bring it back to my mine and make sure I did not forget again when you had me in the position and wearing the humbler to which you had attached a leash you told me to worship your lovely small and delicate feet. As i moved forward to kiss them i found the leash had been attached to something immovable behind me and i could not get more than a foot from your feet, this obviously disappointed and pleased you and you proceeded to fine wicked and very pleasantly painful ways to encourage me to reach those lovely feet, electro, ball beating and fire, i nearly made it, but alas it was not to be without ripping my balls completely off.
  my nipples and balls are still today quite sore and i can still see all the staple holes you put in my cock and scrotum. You were quite right when you told me during a previous session that needles and staples were not nearly as painful as some of your electro play.
  The electrically stimulated sound you inserted the length of my urethra was a sensation undreamed of, pleasurable pain and I am sure you noticed me humping the sound as you held it in my cock and that was likely the reason you decided to really lay on the electro torture to my cock head and ball at the same time bring a true scream from my mouth for the first time and delicious delightful laughter from your divine self.
  i would love to have you try larger sounds on my urethra, but am wondering if it can be stretched to except the largest and if so will it remain that large or will it return to normal?
  While the sadistically high electro torture to my cock and balls was the most painful part of our session i do not want to belittle the truly horrible pain and sheer terror of your very skillful flame torture. The heat was so intense at times that i though for sure i would be blistered from it and while i have very little body hair on my torso, after that i now have none at all.
  As always the most pleasure I got from our session together was to hear Your giggles and even more Your outright laughter at my predicament, Your lovely form and face as always gives great pleasure, 
Your humbly and satisfied slave