Friday, June 7, 2013

WHEW! Construction is done!

Paint is drying.  Somewhere between My busy schedule of raping, pillaging, and having an accurate medical silicone mold of My nether regions made, I have finished construction of two new and very nefarious "toys" for the dungeon.
Of course these toys have nothing to do with your fantasies and everything to do with Mine!  Why else would I risk messing up My perfect manicure?

A new imposing, glossy black (My personal favorite)  confession booth takes its rightful place in My dungeon.   It has its own little secrets relating to the discipline for those terrible sins I'm sure will be confessed.  Perhaps you should start writing yours down so you don't disappoint Me!

A new terribly disgusting, dirty (looking, of course) glory hole bathroom wall! For the training of wary sissy sluts and toilet bitches, I installed two holes! Now, buy Me something to ruin your lipstick with-

Monday, June 3, 2013

New List- Dungeon Desires!

I've been hard at work this weekend with My personal handyman helper on a new and exciting piece of fantasy making furniture!  It is still a big secret but I should be able to unleash it on an unsuspecting submissive man very soon!

I will be leaving for Aspen on the 11th and staying for quite a bit this time with My slave to enjoy a drier and less allergen ridden summer.  Those of you who wish to see Me before I leave should make an effort as soon as possible.

If you are having a busy summer, or you don't have sufficient funds to visit Me, or you would simply like to make your visits to My dungeon even more fantastic I have made a new list just for My dungeon desires. Some are specifically related to My latest fantasy and the furniture I'm building to realize it.

Some are probably related to your specific fantasy, and surely there would be no better way to spark My interest in your fantasy than something special showing up at My door!
IF there is something on My list that is not from amazon and therefore unshippable to Me, but you have seen Me regularly, you may contact Me for an address.  HERE is that list.
Thank you to all My wonderful submissives and painsluts who make My life a dream come true!