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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seven Ways to Serve your Goddess- when She is not there.

Do you?
Many submissives like to be able to see their Mistress once a week, or every other week, to be able to serve Her and also to alleviate their craving and need for Her control.  Some of My pets are only able, for various reasons, to see Me monthly, or even less than that.  It is obvious in the time they are away they are still having submissive cravings and needs, and this can be difficult and sometimes even painful for them.  So I wanted to take some time here to list a few ways a submissive can do just a bit to help him/ herself to feel My control, prepare for more submission, and alleviate this feeling when you are unable to see Me.  
  • Maintain your health and hygiene- FOR HER. Not yourself- obviously your standards are lower than Hers, and in keeping with Her standards and preferences for you, you are making sure your body is Hers.  I like My personal slave to use the soaps (a lovely dark herbal soap)I choose, so he smells how I prefer all the time.  he is also not allowed to wear too much cologne, once again, whether he sees Me that day or not.  he is also is required to eat healthy for Me, I sometimes choose what he eats that day.  he sends Me a little photo of his meal, and he knows that MY choices for HIS life are in place, and nourishing him. Feel free to ask Me if you think you are close enough to Me to deserve guidance in these areas.
  • Learn new ways to be of service to Her-  Youtube has a wealth of videos on things like massage, housework, service, etc.  Learn a new skill, and surprise your Goddess with a proficient slave!  Here is just one good massage video to get you started.  There are also many helpful videos about learning to serve on  This is a paid site, however, fair warning, but WELL worth it.
  • Make a folder with photos of Her- Especially nice if your life allows you to make this folder your screensaver, so it comes on when you are thinking about other things, and can comfort you and bring you great joy!  If you follow My twitter, I upload photos all the time.
  • Ask to be in Chastity for Her- If you are not married, of course, wearing a chastity or even just observing days of chastity for Her can be thrilling and powerful.  Even when She is not there, she IS.  And SHE is controlling you!! 
  • Do a Ritual for Her- In the same vein, one can make a small altar to the Goddess and make sure masturbation with Her in mind is a RITUAL to contribute to Her power, not just a disgusting physical act of emission.  NO, this is not a "cum on My photos" direction. This is elementary sex magick with the goal being communion and Goddess's ownership and control of you.
  • Send Her gifts or tokens of your devotion-  When even a small package of stockings arrives on My doorstep I am happy and filled with the warm feelings of some slave's caring and devotion for Me. Slavery really is a two way street and little things show Me how much of an impact I have made on My submissive's life just by being Me.  If you do choose to get ME gifts, check My twitter, as I almost always post photos and express My joy. What other ways to serve, when the slave is saving every penny for the next session?  Your goddess is not just an object or a lovely clotheshorse, and one of the things you appreciate is Her mind.  So why not send Her videos or articles you feel might possibly interest Her or enrich Her life?  Why not send Her notifications when you see a play, concert, or antique show you think may possibly interest Her? Why not send Her a letter expressing your gratitude for something?
  • Train your body for your next encounter- If you are hoping to take a strap-on, why not get a toy for yourself to play with so you know when you see Her you can take what She will give you?  (This step can also be part of the ritual for Her.)  If you like to submit to Her lust for torturing your family jewels, spend a little time each week torturing them yourself, when aroused or not, to get them used to the sensation. ( Make sure of course you don't do this too much prior to a session, so you are rendered unusable.)  Practice your slave positions.  Treat your bottom with arnica creams if it's been tanned recently, so it will be lily white and fresh as a daisy for the next time.