Monday, July 22, 2013

Slave Training- What's the Point?

Once in a while a boy says to Me with his actions or various words...

"I'm not into all this female supremacy crap.  I just want to be tied up and played with.  I don't want to kneel, bow, worship, learn slave positions, call you by titles of respect, follow various protocol.  I just want the fun stuff!"  (Of course this is assuming he is one of the sad few who don't find many aspects of training to be "fun stuff")

I understand the sentiment, to a certain extent.  I want coffee to arrive in My hand in the morning without any wait or work on My part.  I want to wake up with a fabulous rear end and not have to do all these damn squats and deadlifts.  But as My personal trainer would say, "This is what works."

Over time, in our lives, we learn and define what works for us.  I can travel all the time and be fine, some cannot.  I am not new to BDSM.  I do what works.  Many other Dominas also DO WHAT WORKS.

The fact is YOU have to be present for your transformation.  YOU will benefit from rituals and rules that keep you in the right place.  YOU benefit from knowing your slave position after an hour of intense whipping.  YOU will find comfort in that place, and from feeling the strength of someone else's unflinching power over you.

I love My rituals, rules and protocols for many reasons, but they stay in place, in the end, because they work.