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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

An Evening of Service, Part One.

"I loved our session! There were so many WONDERFUL physical sensations you gave me. But being absolutely exposed, helpless, vulnerable and entirely subject physically, mentally and emotionally to your mercy or whims is ultimately what I crave the most I think.

When I first arrived at your door, I remember being very nervous.  I had not seen you for weeks. You had been vacationing in Colorado. I rang your little twist ringer and waited. My heart was pounding. I observed a runner passing by on the sidewalk. She was totally oblivious to me. I noticed that my palms were a little clammy. I needed to bring myself down.  I tried some breathing exercises. Breathe in slowly for a count of four, hold for four and then let out for a count of five. I did this three times. Thankfully this did seem to alleviate some of my apprehension.  After a few minutes I heard the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. I noticed that my eyes opened just a little wider as if they had a mind of their own. I had to remind myself to breathe.  The footfalls stopped.  There was a momentary dramatic pause then the sound of the door latch being twisted and the dead bolt sliding back into its recess.  The door opened and there you were. Your loveliness took away my breath and briefly left me stunned and staring as my eyes thirstily drank in your beauty. Snapping out of my brief but disrespectful behavior I quickly glanced away trying not to make further eye contact.  You greeted me by ordering me up the stairs to the reception parlor to sit before your chair. You followed me taking your position of authority before me. Your first command to me was to set the flowers I had brought on the table behind me and to then remove my shoes and place them with my sunglasses beneath the table. You then instructed me to hand you one of the other wrapped gifts I had brought. My first was a bag of Sumatra coffee, pre ground. I know, a simple gift but it seemed to make you happy because I had remembered it was the kind of coffee you liked. I could feel a warming sensation in my stomach. I LOVE pleasing you. My second wrapped gift was a, I would soon find out, TERRIBLE rubber whip made primarily from a 36 inch rubber tie down strap with 12 ¼” holes bored about half an inch from each other through the front section of the whip. Their purpose was to actually soften the HORRIBLE bruising blow that the heavy solid strap would have produced. But the holes also leave some nice white elongated oval marks dispersed evenly through the deep red stripe the whip produces when used on a “fresh” surface. They also make a frightening whistling sound as the whip tail arches through the air on its way to a “soft” target. I was hoping that you would like that. I had tried it on myself at home several days before. OUCH!!! It did need those holes though. It was UNBEARABLE without them. It has a handle made of a approximately six inch length of 5/8 inch clear rubbery plastic tubing I got from Petsmart at the fish department.  You hefted it critically finding it a little long but maybe functional.

You turned your attention to me. You asked how I felt, was there anything with my body or mind that you should be made aware of. I LOVE this professional evaluation. It is exciting and a little scary for me being scrutinized. It reminds me of being in the doctor’s office. I risked a glance into your eyes. I imagined how a gazelle must feel as it cautiously drinks from a watering hole while simultaneously starring across small precious pool into the eyes of a resting but curious lioness that is seemingly satisfied from her last kill. I swallowed and replied that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. I felt physically wonderful and was calming down which was making me feel emotionally comfortable too. You asked if there was anything in particular I would like to do today? Well, since I WAS being asked, I asked if I could have a spanking along with whatever else you would prefer. I am an absolute slut for your spankings!  I was hoping for a blistering, breathtaking, blinded by tears one today. But I was careful not to make a challenge. I did that once before and will not purposely do it again. I REALLY paid for that. I also felt that I made you mad at me which left me with a general sad feeling afterwards. I LOVE pleasing you. I hate making you mad at me. Today I was ready, it had been a long time for me since I had seen you and my butt was totally fresh, the skin soft and vulnerable and sensitive. I wanted to be SCREAMING and crying today. Be careful what you wish for!  I WOULD get my wish and BEYOND!

Now that you were satisfied that I was ready and sufficiently polite and respectful you took ownership of me. Mentally I gave you the “keys” to me. I was now one of your possessions.  A wonderful psychological transition occurs and a warm sensation of tranquility and security envelops me. This mental state is probably difficult for most to understand. I know that soon I will be experiencing some absolutely devastatingly, excruciating, stinging PAIN but at the same time I also feel completely safe and secure and isolated from all of the troubles and fears of my “vanilla” life. I no longer CAN make decisions in regards to my fate. But I no longer HAVE to either.  This is a spiritually liberating state of consciousness to me. I am inexorably drawn to this. You ordered: “Go up the stairs to the bathroom, remove EVERYTHING, including your watch, and fold everything neatly and place them in the metal towel rack, then go to the red room, close the door behind you and assume a kneeling position in the center of the carpet as you await me. You may keep your glasses on for now though.”

I stood and started to move toward the stairs, you stopped me commanding, “WAIT, Pick up your shoes and sunglasses then repeat what I just told you to do.”

A cold chill came over me as I bent beneath the table in compliance. I replied almost correctly but not quite, “Yes Ma’am, I am go to up stairs, remove my clothes and my watch in the bathroom, go to the red room, close the door and wait for you”, to which you commented, “AND.” My eyes widened. What had I forgotten?! I must have looked dumbfounded for you quickly added, “When will you learn to pay attention to what I have to say! And fold your clothes neatly and assume the KNEELING position in the red room as you wait for me!”

Instantly I responded, “Yes Ma’am, sorry Ma’am!”

I was dismissed with a backward wave of your hand without further comment. I was so relieved!

I quickly left the room hurrying up the stairs into the bathroom. I locked the door behind me and stripped dropping everything on the linoleum floor at my feet in the process. Remembering my orders I placed my socks in my shoes, then my shoes in the lower stainless steel towel rack, folded my shorts placing them in the rack, placed my underwear neatly folded on top of them and then folded my tee shirt and placed it on top of all. I noticed that I had to pee.  I lifted the seat, did my business being sure to dry myself with a piece of tissue then made sure to lower the seat back down. Not to lower the seat back would have gotten me into SERIOUS trouble! This behavior is NOT tolerated by Mistress Devlynn!  To forget to do so is not a minor offense. This could very well have earned me six or more VERY real and devastatingly painful lashes from a braided leather single tail snake whip across my bare rear that would leave cuts lasting for weeks!

Now ready, I washed and dried my hands, left the bathroom, entered the red room, closed the door then kneeled and sat back on my heels to wait for your arrival. I noticed that my quads were feeling kind of tight. I have been doing a lot of cycling this year and obviously not enough stretching of this muscle group. But to be fair, they were cold, they are much more pliable once warm. I placed my palms on the floor and pressing down took some of the pressure from my legs. This helped a little. Soon I heard you outside the door. The door opened. I gazed down to avoid getting into trouble. You were wearing a very nice and revealing black leather outfit. I was careful trying not to fidget but my quads were still hurting some. I kept my gaze staring at a point about three feet in front of me on the floor. You walked over to the wide, red covered, bed like bench to my right and started arranging some items. You then turned and walked in front of me and passed by me to my left. Before I could stop myself my eyes followed focusing on your lovely rear as you passed. You caught me!  You did not seem too mad though, thank you Ma’am! You commanded, “Turn your head around and stop looking at ME.” Walking up behind me you gave me a light smack to the left side of my face.  You then said, “Obviously you will need this” as you slipped a blindfold over my eyes. Once tightened in place you asked me if I could see. To which I obediently replied, “no Ma’am”. I swallowed, thankful that I had not pissed you off at me. I heard you again rattling and arranging some items at the table. My legs were still hurting. I was apparently noticeably fidgeting now. You asked, “are you uncomfortable in that position?” I replied, “Yes Ma’am.” You responded, “lay your chest down on the floor”. I came up off my heels into a high kneeling position and bent over laying my chest and right cheek on the floor.  Ohhh!!!! This was so much more comfortable. I spread my knees about two feet apart making myself even more comfortable. I could feel coolness between my inner thighs and cheeks. I knew that this would not last for long though!

You walked up before me commanding, “Stand up!”

Carefully I stood not wanting to accidentally trip. Taking my hands you ordered, follow me. I took a few small shuffling steps as you guided me forward. You stopped me and told me step up and forward. You explained that I was stepping over a support bar for your suspension rack. A few more shuffled steps then you stopped me and told me to stick my hands out and down. I felt the smooth rubbery, cushioned surface of the table you had been working at. The table is waist high. You told me, “Now completely lay your upper body flat down against the bench. I slid my feet forward until my pelvis was pressing up against the soft bench then bent forward at the waist and laid my upper body down on the table. The surface was cool and a little slick against my skin. I focused on this simple and pleasurable sensation. I wanted to truly live this moment. In order to more flatten myself against the bench I spread my feet about two feet apart. I could sense you to my right side. Then I felt cold, rough, apparently steel fingernails, I would learn that these were your “bear claw gloves” gently scratching and pinching my lower right butt cheek. You ordered,” move your butt over a little more to the left.” I slid over some more. Then, “Place your left hand out straight to your side. I heard you sweep by then felt my left hand being pulled, my arm being tugged and straightened. My hand was placed and fastened into a leather cuff with a steel bar for gripping in the center. The cuff along with my arm was then jerked tightly into position straight out to my side. Then I felt and heard a metal fastener of some kind click into place completely locking my left hand out to my side. Once satisfied that my arm was trapped you moved to my right, ordered me to stick my right arm out and it too was shackled perpendicular to my body. I could feel my pulse quickening. I was getting a little scared now. The preparation for me is one of my favorite parts. I love the sensation of absolute vulnerability and complete and total exposure of EVERYTHING. There was no way I could protect myself now and you were still not done preparing me! Next you ordered me to stick my left leg back and up for you. You quickly placed my ankle into a foot harness. Then you moved to my right and ordered me to stick my right leg back and you secured that leg straight out and off the floor as well. I then felt a pole of some kind being attached to the harness of my left leg. Once in place you moved over to my right and attached it to the harness securing my right foot. Now my legs were forced wide apart. I believe my feet were probably four feet apart! But you still were not done! I heard chains rattling and my spread legs were ratcheted up into the air! OHHH! Now EVERYTHING was available to you and to your imagination! I tentatively tried my arms. They were not going anywhere. I tried squeezing my thighs. There was no closing the wide open gap! I was in a state of absolute and complete vulnerability.

Now it was time for the “fun” to begin...