Monday, August 26, 2013

It's your favorite stocking fetishist again...

Spent a lovely afternoon torturing and tormenting a footslut.  Poor little thing was gagged with My fishnet stockings, teased with My freshly manicured feet, and whimpering at My teasing and torture.

I will say he worshiped feet well even though he had a teeny little mouth.  Some woman must have trained him well years ago!  It put Me in a wonderful and terrible Goddess mood.

ANYWAY to the point, finding My stockings to wear today, and a million runned pairs. Some of the nicest stockings I have piling up, inadequate for anything now but just fun. I will be making a huge stocking order soon to replenish.  Do any of My devotees want these used, worn out, well loved stockings? No male fluids on them of course! YUCK! Feel free to request, as usual, this offer is only for those who have seen Me.