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Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Thrill of Being a Pet

When I came home from My travels My home was in perfect order and a lovely flower, card and bottle of red wine were waiting for Me.  I was tired from a long plane ride, and very pleased.

So I decided I would reward My slave for making Me happy.
I told him that he would be visiting the dungeon that even, promptly at 6pm.  This slave is not a masochist, but enjoys being of service.  For this reason, he was very nervous.  I have been known to invite him over to the dungeon for many things.  Many times when I get a new toy, or acquire a new skill, I test it out on him. Many times, however, when I get a new leather corset, pair of heels or boots, or specially made sexy outfit of chainmaille, I also have "tested" it out on him.

He arrived promptly of course and was very happy to see Me, but a bit terrified. I told him he was to be rewarded for the good service. After 3 years of being My slave he is pretty darn well trained, and much of the time he is making Me happy!  REALLY good service makes Me REALLY happy, and I want to give a treat to My pet when I am in such a absolute Queen and Goddess mood.

I ordered him to go upstairs and undress completely. I did not have to order him anything regarding hygeine, as I have said, he is a good slave.  he had already been instructed to eat and drink and rest for this meeting.
I began to play some nice music that puts Me in a very good mood, lit a few lovely candles around in the dark and luxurious parlour.  I did have a new toy, some "bear claws".
I ordered him to lie on the table, on his belly to begin.  I ran My nails along his body, which was warm with excitement.  I did not tie him, or restrain him in any way.  he no longer needs to be restrained, for various reasons of training.  I only tie him when it arouses Me to do so.

I brought over all My lovely fire toys.  The music and the fire seemed to be one energy as I moved it around his body, a kind of dance with the flames licking him all over.  Sometimes I would engulf My hands in flames and touch his body.  Sometimes I would send a big strong fireball at him, and huge parts of his body would be swathed in flame, just momentarily, then gone, causing the most gorgeous sparkly feeling all over. Sometimes I would run a river of flames up his back, causing him to shiver.  he loves the fire!
I brought out a long, heavy black flogger and pulled it slowly across his back so he could feel its weight, and the luxuriousness of the leather.  Then I stood back and warmed up his bottom.

I could tell he was absolutely in heaven.  Now with a bit sensitivity to his skin and mind, his nervousness largely taken over by bliss, I pulled out My "bear claws".
I played with his body slowly and methodically, running the claws lightly over every bit of him, sometimes grabbing and pulling at his flesh with them like a Mama bear.  It felt beastly and lovely- what wonderful toys!
They feel like natural extensions of Me as I claw and tease him.

As you see, happiness in slavery!